Instant Love Solution Floods Avondale , Avenues As Slayqueens Battle For Survival
18 February 2022
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Morgan Zvemangororo

It is a dog eat a dog in Harare, especially in Avondale and Avenues where slayqueens are fighting for their financial survival.

Reports from Zim Hot Trends says girls are fighting early in the morning in relentless battles to enter the bathroom at sunrise.

It is said that Prophet Makomichi (the one who gave love potion to the late Ginimbi’s girlfriend Moana) introduced a new love charm called Instant Love Solution, one must wash one’s body with that charm at that time when the sun will be coming out, this is now causing fights especially for those who share bathrooms.

One lady said she was given the white powder and she was told to make sure that she takes a bath when the sun is coming out.

She also said she was witnessing instant results but the problem started when her friends discovered Makomichi’s love charm.

They are now fighting for the bathroom.

“I’m giving a Instant Love Solution for free just to help people but very soon I will be selling it, for those who wants it must feel free to contact me, ” said Makomichi.

Madzibaba Eddy says that Makomichi’s charm might work instant but he is afraid it might have serious after effects.

Isaac Makomichi