“It’s A New Movement”
22 February 2022
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By A Correspondent- Thokozani Khupe led MDC-T Spokesperson Ntando Ndlovu says if the former Deputy Prime Minister joins the Nelson Chamisa led Citizens for Change Coalition (CCC) it is the citizens who will decide which position she deserves to occupy.

Ndlovu was speaking after Chamisa told a rally in Harare on Sunday that, “We know there are others who once left us and want to rejoin, we will direct that they seat at the back of this bus upon readmission.”

Said Ndlovu,

“If the opposition political parties are organizing themselves under a new movement,  it, therefore, follows that in a party there are no historical leadership positions that are carried forward so to speak.

The stockholders of the new movement; which are the people are the ones who will then be in a position to determine who the leaders are and the trajectory that the movement will take.”

Chamisa had told his supporters that all the current leaders of CCC are caretakers and that substantive leaders will be elected by the people.

“Those currently in leadership positions are caretakers. This is a new political party which is a result of my tours in the rural areas. You advised that I start a new party and I have done that. Yes we have a history, we have a legacy but this is not re-branding, it is brand new hence our new colours, logo and slogans.” He told his supporters.

Asked on whether a united opposition can defeat ZANU PF, Ndlovu said:

“It’s clear as the sun rising from the east to the west that the end is nigh for the current Zanu PF regime. Whether one wants to analyse based on scientific evidence or the general sentiment on the ground, the ZANU PF government has become so unpopular due to serious governance failures which have led to high unemployment,  corruption,  de industrialization,  collapse of infrastructure etc.

“These are the issues that have made the ground ripe for change. The future of opposition is therefore bright only if they organise themselves and vote as one united block similar to what the Zambian opposition did.”

Chamisa and Khupe fell out in 2018 soon after the death of MDC founding president Morgan Tsvangirai as they brawled over who should be the successor.