Chinhoyi Humiliates Mwonzora
11 March 2022
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10 March 2022

Wezhira Munya

MDC T president Mwonzora’s political fortunes nose dive. Yesterday, MDC T Mwonzora held a poorly attended star rally in Chinhoyi . Only 22 people attended this star rally that was meant to drum up support for 26th March 2022, by elections.

(See picture above with few people attending Mwonzora’s rally yesterday and hear Mwonzora on video explaining why they were few people at his star rally yesterday)

The star rally was help in the hall.

Chinhoyi rally is the lowest turn out of Mwonzora’s provincial star rallies with 22 people from the entire province.

Mwonzora commenting on studio 7 on rally poor turn out in Chinhonyi, he said, ” We (MDC T) are not bothered by large numbers of people attending our rallies because we are campaigning for by elections and these are not general elections”

From above statement by Mwonzora, one may deduce that, firstly, Mwonzora does not want his candidates to win by elections. One cannot win elections without support and support is shown by large numbers of people who attend rallies.

Secondly, Mwonzora is selfish, he only wants large numbers during harmonised elections when he will participating as MDC T presidential candidate.

Those who follow Mwonzora’s rallies noted that, Mwonzora held his star rally in Zororo grounds and 300 people attended.

Then he solved to hold his rallies in small community halls in Bulawayo, Gweru and Marondera where less than 100 people attended each rally. Mwonzora experienced no intimidation as his rallies and ZRP allowed him to bus people.

One MDC T senior leader who refused to be named said, “There low turn out at MDC T is due to serious factionalism , narrative that MDC T is Zanu PF proxy, poor planning, candidate imposition and anger towards Mwonzora who recalled elected representatives without consulting electorate.”

In contrast, President Nelson Chamisa is pulling largest crowds in his provincial rallies. In Harare, President Chamisa addressed approximately
60 000; Gokwe 25 000; Kwekwe 40 000, Bulawayo 38 000 and Gweru 45 000. These largest crowds attended rallies despite police intimidate, Zanu PF violence and ZRP denied President Chamisa to bus his supporters.

Just like Mwonzora, Zanu PF experienced poor rally turn out in Tsholotsho. Zanu PF president Mnangagwa had to deploy his deputy Mohadi to address this poorly attended rally. However, Zanu PF had bused bumper crowds in Harare and other areas.

MDC T under Mwonzora is in intensive care and 26th March 2022 , l foresee MDC T dying and burial will be on 27th March 2022, when election results will be announced.