AUDIO: Maxwell Chikumbutso On Allegations Of Killing Genius Kadungure, And Calling for Chamisa to Be Replaced By Uebert Angel As Prime Minister
12 March 2022
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SC: Good evening sir.

I have been communicating with the vice president for a while and I wish to ask you what science there is in appointing Uebert Angel the prime minister of Zimbabwe. I asked you this as according to your your title of an inventor.

What happened to the generator you planted in Mabelreign and you claimed that it can power 300 houses, and which you then took to Genius Kadungure’s house?

Lastly I wish to know what you did to Genius Kadungure’s car which caused his sudden death.

I request your response in the public interest and that you at your earliest opportunity reply. My deadline is midnight tonight.

Simba Chikanza.

MC: Hello Mukoma Simba. Thank you for reaching out to me. I saw your message late I was busy so never checked my WhatsApp until this morning. I am sorry I don’t know about the appointment of Prophet Ubert Angel and the decisions made on his appointment. I am shocked that your talking to the VP seemed to link, me to anything to do with the appointment, surely am at loss of words.

Concerning the Greener Power Machine, which had capacity to power 300 homes, it was never deployed in MABELREIGN. I was operating from Bluff Hill Park, this is where the working prototype was tested on launch I did in 2016.

The other last test was when we had a livestream testing of the Machine at a Church at Maranatha Park, after I was featured in Thrieve 2 scientific documentary produced by an American producer.

This is all I can tell you for now. I have decided to do my things quietly away from public social media.

About Genius’ car that he was involved in an accident, I don’t know anything about it. I guess you can ask the police who attended the accident. I’m again shocked Mr. Chikanza

SC: Thank you for response Mr Chikumbutso. What science is there in honouring this self confessing cash machine thief, conman and self confessing violent man, with the title, “prophet”? At a time we are hoping to peer review your inventions you have already assembled elements of honor for this conman? Please do respond elaborately because this is very confusing.

The Greener Power Machine was in Lorraine Drive (loosely and traditionally associated with Mabelreign) though in BluffHill. Why go for film producing, and not peer reviewing from critics and notable scientists in academia?

You are still silent on how you spend time at the vice-president’s home; is that part of your science or this is simply because you privately work for the man? Please clarify.

We are eagerly waiting to see your product, that is the car that you stated that it works perpetually without refuelling. I ask this because we see that the car that you displayed several years ago is now damaged and you have not been able to replicate even a bicycle using your advertised inventions.

Thank you for the response on the businessman Ginimbi’s death. The public would like to understand how you could be so close to the businessman and then now now you are suddenly so close to his enemy.

Another question relates to how you have suddenly become wealthy soon after the businessman’s death because before then you were living in the high density surbubs, but within a year of the business man’s death you have swung over to Bluff hill, and you are now spending private time at the vice-president’s enclosure. Have you ever asked him over the welfare of Ginimbi’s cousin, Marry Chiwenga he has violently dispossessed? Do you feel you are honouring Ginimbi by your conduct?

Simba Chikanza