Mwonzora Supporters Terrorize Villagers
23 March 2022
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Own Correspondent

Bikita – Elson Mabasa aka Bhudhi is a cause for concern in Bikita for allegedly disturbing functions and terrorising villagers.

In a pathetic scene, Elson together with one of his brothers , Solomon, equally notorious and nonsensical reportedly assaulted, Mbuya Mukwena, who suffered internal casualties which she sustained up to her death on 16 January 2022.

People who spoke on condition of anonymity in fear of victimisation by Bhudhi said life has turned orgy and urgent assistance was needed.

“This man (Elson Mabasa) with his brother have been involved in other crimes with the same family like destruction of property, stealing goats and sheep and cutting barbed wire fence of the Mukwena family.

“Ironically, Elson claims to be a headman/Sabhuku which is not known by the local government. He just claims so yet he stays in Mukwena Village, it is not known where he gets that courage and there are suspicions of him having bribed the chief with a beast, however the District Administrator is yet to know this issue” said sources at Chiremwaremwa township where Bhudhi is always stationed.

Sources said two escaped imprisonment, but were given peace order which they violated on the burial of the hapless old woman.

At the funeral, they unashamedly caused commotion only to be removed by ZR Police who had attended the funeral.

They looted food before they were ordered to leave by by two police officers who were present.

Thirteen days later, on the 29 of January, the same Elson Mabasa made a false police report that he was assaulted at the funeral but begged the police not to make the issue a court case, his main fear being that of the stern warning he had been given at Bikita magistrates court.

However, he kept on pestering the police about the same issue, prompting the police to come to the Mukwena family to get the full details, only to discover that they had been used, he was lying.

These Mabasas are a nuisance everywhere they are, rather barbaric and hooliganism at general meeting, school meetings insulting head of Tabudirira High school Mr Mukwena and the local councillor.

They (Mabasa family members) are on record of grabbing positions at a local primary school Godfrey Mabasa(Munorwei) and Ndakaitei Mabasa forcibly secured themselves posts of chairperson and secretary of BEAM selection committee, respectively.

Unfortunately, Godfrey is campaigning to be MDC Alliance councillor.

Last year, the same people where at the chiefs court for defying the authority of Headman Mukwena.

They are rude and lack respect and even plough wherever they want defying the authority of local government.