Eric Knight Rallies Zimbabweans To Register To Vote In 2023
10 April 2022
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By Eric Knight on fb
Hello Zimbabwe!
Hello Citizens!

Just to make the record straight.
When I speak, I speak out of passion, affection and dedication to my country. I don’t do insultive or personal politics.

I don’t want any position or role that’s not God ordained and I am not going to contest for any position.
I am not angling to be an MP, a Councillor, a Ward Leader, a Senator or Mayor. Not at all!

I’m even prepared to sit at the corner of a street and sell bananas in a free and happy Zimbabwe than wear a tie and suit to work in an office that oppresses people.

Ask my brother, friend and Change Champion In Chief Nelson Chamisa, I told him and intelligent as he is, he understood.
It’s not about Positions and Posts, it’s about People and Progress at national level.

It’s about citizens and communities combining comradely and coordinating for a course as a country.

When we say citizens, we don’t mean only our CCC supporters, we mean every Zimbabwean, you, me, your parents, your children, your grandparents and grandchildren children.

When we say citizens, we mean Doctors, nurses, teachers, farmers, war vets, students, CEOs, soldiers, police officers, cleaners, domestic workers, civil servants, vendors, pastors and businessmen.

Remember when there is misgovernance and a bad economy, it affects every citizen directly or indirectly.
When the economy is good and there is good governance, equally it benefits every citizen directly or indirectly.

This is not a time to play Party politics. Parties come and go but your country is your permanent heritage that even your children will depend on when you are no longer there . Don’t mess around with it!

When we say 2023 is the Year of Citizens, it’s not just a Party gimmick. We are saying as you vote, vote considering your life and other citizens.
Vote with a sober mind. Look around the country and ask yourself, is this the Zimbabwe you really want to see?

Think deeply and go down Memory Lane as far as 40years back if you were born or even 20years back if you are younger, compare with the other countries you have been to before you vote.

Ask yourself again, do you think we are being governed properly, is the country getting better or worse?

Don’t be blinkered by Political Party spectacles and don’t be Political Party prisoners by voting blindly just because its your Party.
Even if you were once Zapu, ZanuPf, ZUM, NPF before, come and stand with the Citizens. It is wisdom to change for the better in any life aspect.

Don’t feel ashamed.
Don’t feel defeated.
You only win when your country is well governed, not when your Party wins.
Otherwise we are all losers.
Don’t say what will people say.

It’s not being unpatriotic when you demand a change that is good for your country.

Register to Vote for Change.
Why change.. because there has been no meaningful progress since we attained independence in 1980.

The philosophical definition of foolishness is, Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results.’
We gave these people in government many chances.
Zimbabwe needs a fresh leadership.
You as a citizen must have a say.

Let’s reason together. It’s not just about Nelson Chamisa. It’s about you, me and us.

He is just the figurehead and the symbol of hope as our leader for now. He needs you.
That is why it’s a coalition of citizens who crave to see change.
Register to Vote my brothers and sisters.
And Yes I advise you to vote for Change.
Vote Yellow.
Vote CCC.

God Bless Zimbabwe 🇿🇼!
God Bless its Citizens!
God Bless Africa!