BREAKING: Attempt To Abduct Mako Haruzivishe Thwarted By Alert Povo | WARNING DISTURBING FOOTAGE
18 April 2022
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By A Correspondent | One of the CCC’s most prolific activists Makomborero Haruzivishe briefly appeared on live video while being forcibly taken away by unknown assailants at around 9pm on Monday.

Mako, as he is fondly called, is heard in the video demanding that the men posing as Police officers should identify themselvesif they are real cops.

Towards the end of the footage, a male voice is heard demanding that his hands must be chopped, it is better than being handcuffed. As the video switches off, another voice is heard announcing saying “blood is now coming out,” just as Mako continues demanding for an explanation of what his crime is, especially “on independence day like this.”

Mako was however later saved by alert members of the public who intervened. He sustained a swollen and numb left hand.