Rituals Gone Wrong- Man Kills Own Family, Neighbours, Workmates
27 April 2022
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By A Correspondent- In a bizzare development, a recent guest on Tilda Live Zim (Zvinotyisa) confessed he was responsible for the death of his parents, wife, kids, several relatives, neighbours and workmates.

The man was a farmworker in Glendale and he thought of finding favours from his employers and gain power and wealth.

He then approached a certain sangoma who gave him some muthi and other things he would use to achieve his goal.

He said things were working out perfectly well at first but after some time misfortunes started happening in his family.

From the man’s narration, it appears it was a case of rituals that went wrong and he could not open up to his family.

He said his only option was to kill his father first and he made him collapse after he did certain rituals on a grave.

His mother’s death came soon after his father’s demise, followed by his other two siblings leaving him and his other sister.

He also confessed to being responsible for the death of other farm workers.

He said he became jealous whenever their employer appeared to be showing favours to others and this led him to perform rituals against them as well.

According to the man, he killed his wife and four kids