Exposing Stinking Corruption In Emmerson Mnangagwa’s New Dispensation
2 May 2022
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Dear Editor-
As the census season comes to an end there has been a public outcry regarding the modus operandi used in selecting enumerators.

Stunning anomalies which showed a showed a deliberate and biased system was revealed. It was so shameful and despicable that the district civil service leadership want to take people for granted and practice nepotism and favouritism in broad daylight.

The chief culprits are the district human resources manager and the HR clerk at neshuro hospital as well as the notorious HR guy at the education district offices. Just have a look at the names below.
Linked to the district HR manager.

  • Gondo tatenda(son)
  • Gondo praise
  • Gondo chipochashe
  • Gondo rugare
  • Gondo takudzwa.

Floyd muzara(girlfriend)
Levity machekefu(girlfriend ‘s child)
Muzara shelter(sister to girlfriend)
Linked to health HR officer

  • murove locadia(wife)
  • Burungudzi pride( mistress)
    Burungudzi last(young sister to mistress)
    Linked to Education HR guy
    -machaya pedzisai
    -imbayago japhet
  • imbayago jairai
    Sitera knowledge
    Linked to council CEO
    -chivanga tsitsi
    -chivanga fadzai.

Members of the same family/siblings/cousins.
1) -Goredema Oswald
-Goredema Nicholas
-Goredema tandiwe
2)- muzenda johnson
-muzenda edvina
-muzenda hwiridzai
-muzenda forward

  • muzenda charles
    3) – muchara miriro
  • muchara cosmas
  • muchara takudzwa
    4) -tongofa memory
  • tongofa vongai.
    We might be considered backward in mwenezi but not to this extent. Are these the only families in mwenezi with eligible people.
    This is clear corruption and nepotism. Floyd muzara participates in all programmes BVR, voter education , census, polling. Is she the only capable female teacher.

Concerned Resident