Zanu PF Does Not Own Country
4 May 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri| Citizens’ Coalition For Change Namibia has pointed out that it is now time for citizens to protect themselves from Zanu PF barbarism.

Zanu PF hooligans attacked CCC members in Chitungwiza on Monday.

In a statement on Tuesday, CCC Namibia said citizens should protect themselves from political violence as Zanu PF is determined to kill perceived foes.

Read statement below:

Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia urges change champions to defend themselves against ZanuPF violence!

03 May 2022

Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia absolutely condemns the state-sponsored violence in Zengeza ward 7 where change champions were butchered for taking part in a door to door campaign towards 7 May by-elections.

The district was extremely cobra-headed to see its prospective councillor Maiko with severe head injuries. Change champions in Namibia urge citizens to defend themselves against ZanuPF thugocrats. It’s now high time we resist intimidation, torture and gross abuse of human freedoms.

What happened in Chitungwiza is a clear testament that the desperate regime is willing to do anything to impede the Yellow Revolution.

It is astonishing that ZanuPF terror is being unleashed in towns, we lost our youthful change champion Mboneni Ncube a few days before by-elections and nothing was done to the perpetrators. This sadist attempt to deter social democrats must be resisted with equal measure. I believe that party supporters should now embrace dangerous freedom against ZanuPF-sponsored violence. Change champions should not continue to fold their hands at the face of this brutality.

Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia challenges Zec and the judiciary to defend the vulnerable citizens to promote free, fair and credible elections in Zimbabwe. Violence from the unpopular regime reflects ZanuPF’s unpreparedness to accept defeat in 2023.

These rigging shenanigans should not go unchallenged. Zec should work diligently to establish an even political field for all parties to campaign freely. It is a sham to have politically motivated violence, attacking our party candidates three days before polls. This undoubtedly unearthed the cluelessness of the Harare regime. We need serious security for our members and supporters both in rural and urban areas.

For how long shall we continue to fold our hands when our people are being beaten, abducted and tortured for believing in the organic and eloquent leader President Advocate Nelson Chamisa? It is now imperative to get organised in towns and rural areas so that we can resist intimidation, torture arbitrary arrests and forced disappearances of change champions. The district encourages Yellow Revolutionaries to wake up and smell the coffee. 2023 harmonised elections need a pragmatic approach. Change champions should recruit, mobilise and radicalize for serious resistance against ZanuPF thugocrats.

Zimbabwe is not ZanuPF’s private property! We also own the motherland hence no need to be treated as second class citizens. It should be shoulder for shoulder with ZanuPF thugocrats. Defending ourselves is not violence! We are a peace-loving party but overstretching our patience and love for peace should not be allowed to continue.

Zengeza is our stronghold! How can we be beaten in Harare? Of all the places, we can’t have our change champions beaten in the capital city. This must be resisted with equal measure.

Our message to ZanuPF is clear, no amount of torture and gross abuse of the fundamental human rights shall break our resolve to win Zimbabwe for complete change under President Advocate Nelson Chamisa.

We shall commit and dedicate to prosecute the national democratic revolution to its logical conclusion. Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia wishes a speedy recovery to our prospective councillor Maiko and all change champions who incurred severe injuries during the door to door campaign.

It is quite perturbing and infuriating to have the captured police aiding ZanuPF thugs to disrupt a peaceful campaign a few days before 7 May by-elections. We really demand a new government that respects democratic values and cultures.

This closure of democratic space in Zimbabwe unravels ZanuPF’s fear of electoral defeat in these by-elections.

Change champions need to develop the varlour, mettle, courage and nerve to confront Zec, police and ZanuPF satanists in the eye for socio-economic transfiguration. We need to escalate our resistance against state-sponsored violence.

Zec must be disbanded! We need an independent ZEC which is non-partisan. We can’t continue with a biased referee. The police should also act professionally.








Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia
Rundu Branch Interim Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya