Masvingo Kids Shine At Karate Tournament
25 May 2022
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Sports Writer| Young participants from Masvingo Province excelled at the Zim JKA Karate Tournament in Gweru last week.

The province was represented by three participants, Monica Redeem Victor (16) and Michael Munyaradzi Benno (16), Marksman Machacha from JKA Masvingo Province ( Rujeko Club).

Monica won two gold and two silver medals, Munyaradzi took one silver medal and one bronze medal while Marksman Machacha returned home with a silver medal.

Monica is a pupil at Masvingo Christian College, Munyaradzi is a learner at Ndarama High School and Marksman is at Rujeko Primary School.

In a statement, Rujeko JKA club described the three participants as brilliant and energetic:

See full statement below:

As Rujeko JKA Club, we are happy with the way Monica Redeem Victor, Michael Munyaradzi Benno and Marksman Machacha represented us at the 2022 edition of the JKA Karate Tournament.

The trio’s participation is a milestone for Masvingo Province. In karate circles Masvingo Province is producing talented athletes.

We wish to thank our instructors at Rujeko Club Casmore Adini and Elder Benjamin Mauswa for their splendid job.

The two, Mr Adini and Elder Mauswa are great coaches.We hope they will continue to produce shooting stars.

We also wish to thank Masvingo Province JKA chairperson, Sensei Monica Peters, Provincial Technical Director Sensei Patrick Gombwe, provincial secretary, Honest Makanyire and the supporting staff for working tirelessly to ensure the development of the wonderful karate discipline in the province.

We also acknowledge the fact that Sensei Peters took Monica through training sessions before the tournament.

On behalf of Masvingo Province JKA, we greatly appreciate the support, guidance and inspiration we are getting from Zimbabwe National Karate Federation president, Sensei Joe Rugwete. We shall always look up to him for advice and wisdom.

As Rujeko JKA Club, we also wish to thank Masvingo City Council, local parents and Berylin Academy for supporting our efforts.

The Berylin Academy staff members are highly supportive of the club.

We also wish to thank Cedric Chuchu and Tafara who accompanied the participants to to and from Gweru.

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Rujeko JKA Club

Monica Redeem Victor
Marksman Machacha
Michael Munyaradzi Benno