How Young People Will Remove Mnangagwa
4 June 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri| Citizens’ Coalition for Change Namibia has urged young people to fight for a bright future by registering to vote.

In a statement on Wednesday, CCC Namibia challenged young people to support President Nelson Chamisa’s New Great Zimbabwe vision.

Read full statement below:

Those who did not fight the liberation struggle should vote for the young leadership”, new Slogan has gone viral.

01 June 2022

The vigorous slogan has become viral! There are goons in the politically inept ZanuPF government and party who claim to have ownership of the motherland because they went to war. It is quite ironic that those who went to war are fewer than those who did not fight the liberation struggle. If we go by their philosophy, they will obviously lose the elections before the polls commence.

The most active generation are the unemployed youths in Zimbabwe. The youths constitute more than 50% of the population plus those graduands in their 40s and 50s, it will be a disaster for our ZanuPF opponents.

Change champions are very fortunate that they are automatically going to be joined by some veterans of the liberation struggle who were frustrated by ZanuPF’s perennial failure to revamp the economy. It is now our revolutionary obligation to fulfil the dreams and aspirations of the liberation struggle led by none other than the organic, pragmatic and vibrant President Advocate Nelson Chamisa. We urge all Zimbabweans to register to vote for the Yellow Revolution in 2023. Lets all vote for a leadership with full capacity to put the economy on a sounder footing.

It is now imperative to vote for those who did not go to war since ZanuPF has betrayed everyone because of its corruption and gross misgovernance. Crackdown on voices of dissent through arbitrary arrests, long pre-trial detentions, forced disappearances of change champions, senseless and barefaced corruption, abuse of journalists and human rights defenders are signs of a government’s dismal failure to govern.

Furthermore, today we have reached 7 days after Moreblessing Ali, our change champion was severely beaten and bundled into car of the Chisango boys with a well known ZanuPF leadership in Nyatsime. The perpetrator who is in hiding was identified as Pius Jambo, we demand the immediate release of our champion, Moreblessing Ali.

ZanuPF must respect the sanctity of life, we urge the architects of politically motivated abductions and state sponsored forced disappearances to halt forthwith. All these are reasons why those who went to war are going to be humiliated by the Change Champions in 2023.

Our people are tired of unemployment and poverty in the motherland and the diaspora. We demand considerable respect to the voice of the people through their votes. People’s votes should count, we castigate rigging and we demand justice to the people’s will. As we embrace the slogan encouraging those who went to war to vote each other, I absolutely doubt that they will reach 1/4 of the population in the motherland. It was a generational consensus and it shall remain one until President Advocate Nelson Chamisa is given his chance in 2023 to lead us into Canaan.

In a nutshell, ‘vakaenda kuhondo vakavhoterana Mukomana Anopinda zvakanakisa”. We encourage people to register to vote in their astronomical numbers for a resounding victory in 2023. Polling agents at every polling station, well trained and fully equipped with alternative communication. All V11s are needed from our agents undiluted. We should avert disputed elections without enough evidence and numbers should not allow ZanuPF to have hope in any elections.

Communications desk
CCC Namibia