‘Zanu PF Reduced Into Rubble And Debris’
14 June 2022
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By Leonard Koni| Zanu PF has now been reduced into rubble and debris. The opposition must snatch this opportunity and be ready to govern.

The popularity rating has been shrinking at an alarming rate since 2000. It looks like the people are so much disgruntled on the ground than before and Zanu-PF has gone back to the 2008 levels.

There are many factors which have attributed to this fall out within the revolutionarly party. The major ones being an economy that is more elitist that has been serving just a few individual top brass including its families.

Factionalism is another factor which has not spared the organisation. It is tearing and haunting the party. There seems to be elements of G40 which are so alive, kicking and trying to wrestle power from the fading Team Lacoste. The party has failed to unite it’s own people.

The biggest problem which the country is currently facing is emanating from this disjointed Zanu PF government which is always fighting for its own survival than the whole nation.

The ruling party has lost its glory days. This has forced them to abdicate their governance duties and to concentrate on giving a lifeline to the lifeless regime. It is a catastrophe for a government of the day to spent much of its time abusing state funds through pouring much needed resources to party businesses with the aim of consolidating power and forgetting that they have a national mandate to serve the nation.

On the other hand the opposition is not leaving any stone unturned trying to canvass for more support from both the urban and rural areas and this has caused so much panic to the revolutionary party.

They have left the country on autopilot to concentrate on staying in power. All these cell meetings are just a sheer waste of time and resources. They have flopped with less than a million supporters reporting out of a possible 2, 5 million based on 50000 cells and 50 members per cell.

These cell meetings actually don’t bring any value to the majority of Zimbabweans who are suffering across the country.

Zanu PF has forgotten that it is in power to run the country not to play politics, torture, abduct, terrorise, intimidate, kill, frustrate the opposition and manipulate people to vote for them.

Instead of fixing the economy a group of old men is planning on how they can silence the voice of the voiceless.

Whilst pursuing that myopic agenda the country is burning. We have a leadership vacuum. It’s a do or die in 2023.