Mnangagwa Regime A Replica Of Apartheid Era
16 June 2022
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June 16: African Child Undersiege in Zimbabwe

16 June 2022

As Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Youth Change Champions, today we join the rest of the African continent in celebrating the Day of African Child. This year the day is celebtrated under the theme “Eliminating Harmful Practices Affecting Children”.

The day brings sad memories of how a paranoid apartheid regime in South Africa butchered defenseless Soweto children for demanding for a right to be taught in their own languages.

Back at home the day comes at a time when a murderous and bloody regime of Emmerson Mnangagwa is running amok committing worse atrocities than colonial regimes.

This year’s June 16 is a sad mirror of events of 16 June 1976 in South Africa. Emmerson Mnangagwa’s blood thirsty regime mirrors everything bad of the South African apartheid regime.

The African Child is undersiege in a post independence Zimbabwe!

The day comes at a time when alternative voices are being persecuted for choosing yellow over green. Citizens are being slaughtered like chickens ready for sale for choosing an index fix over a fist! Some are being abducted for choosing suit over scarf!

From Mboneni Ncube to Moreblessing Ali, Emmerson Mnangagwa’s hands drips with blood of change champions!

Just like in 1976, today the opposition and labour are in courts on trumped up charges. Where we had Nelson Mandela at Robben Island Maximum Prison in South Africa, today in independent Zimbabwe we have Hon Godfrey Karakadzai Sithole, Hon Job Sikhala and renowned human rights defender Obert Masaraure in prison for demanding rights of the African child.

Our clarion call to all young people is that lets draw inspiration from the Soweto children of 1976 and fight this monster regime. Those of 1976 taught us that every dictatorship falls when we choose to stand up.

Our message to Emmerson Mnangagwa on this day is that we demand for the immediate release of our CCC officials Job Sikhala and Godfrey Sithole and human rights defender, Obert Masaraure.






Stephen Sarkozy Chuma
CCC Youth Change Champions interim Spokesperson