Violent Man On The Run After Assaulting Ex And Her New Lover
17 June 2022
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By A Correspondent- A violent, possessive man who brutally assaulted a woman he claimed to be his wife has gone on the run. The abusive man is wanted by the police on charges of attempted murder, kidnapping and housebreaking.

The wanted man has been identified as Lovely Blessing Mangulenje.

A video of the horrific assault of the woman and her lover has gone viral on social media platforms.

In the video, which the abusive man recorded himself, the woman and her lover can be seen cowering while seated on the bed. They are both bereft of clothing and show visible signs of being assaulted.

Mangulenje, who is holding a knife, launches into a tirade accusing the woman of cheating on him. He accuses the man of disrespecting him by sleeping with his wife without protection.

However, the woman insists that she is not his wife. At this point, Blessing Mangulenje gets very angry and starts assaulting the woman brutally. Shortly after, the camera stops recording.

After the video went viral on social media platforms, the woman’s relatives reached out. They revealed that the abusive man is actually the woman’s ex-lover.

According to a man, who identified himself as the woman’s brother, Mangulenje jumped the wall of their family home and broke into the woman’s room.

He then armed himself with a knife and proceeded to assault the woman, her lover and some of her family members. He is alleged to have stabbed the hapless woman before making good his escape.

“The video you posted belongs to my sister. She was attacked by her ex-boyfriend, who jumped the Durawall into my mother’s house and broke the kitchen door and took a knife and stabbed my sister, including abusing my other little sister.

“The guy faces attempted murder, housebreaking and kidnapping charges.

“We have a case number for that case RRB 5020580.”

After learning that the woman had filed charges against him, the abusive man went on the run.

Lovely Blessing Mangulenje is yet to be apprehended.