Zanu PF Intensifies Chamisa Infiltration Efforts
18 June 2022
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By- Zanu PF is reportedly interfering with CCC political affairs by pushing the newly formed party to hold primary elections and set up structures.

According to journalist and government critic Hopewell Chin’ono, a top Zanu PF official said, the ruling party wants to infiltrate Chamisa through these structures they are pushing him to establish.

Chamisa and his colleagues dumped the MDC Alliance brand early this year and launched CCC, but the party is yet to hold a congress.

Chin’ono, said the senior told him that the ruling party is finding it difficult to infiltrate CCC because there is no one to target.
The official reportedly said it is easier to capture individuals who run the structures using money and get them to do things. Said Hopewell’s unnamed Zanu pF source:
We are finding it hard because there is no structure.
The idea that anyone can be a member because it is a citizen party has wrongfooted us.
We don’t know who to target because we are only seeing [Nelson Chamisa].
Some ZANU PF officials and exiled former senior officials are on record criticising CCC for having no structures and postponing holding an elective congress.
On Friday, exiled former ZANU PF politburo member Jonathan suggested that m