Makorokoza Invade Queen Elizabeth Kwekwe Palace
22 July 2022
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By- A palace which housed English Queen Elizabeth in Kwekwe when she visited Zimbabwe during the colonial era is under siege from artisanal miners.

The palace is now being used by Kuvimba Mining House’s Homestake Mining Company as a guest house.

A source within Homestake Mine told

It is true the Queen used to stay in that place whenever she visited the country. It is unfortunate the place is now under siege from illegal gold panners.

Residents who stay close to the Palace said the artisanal miners overran the place about two months ago. One resident said:

For two months now the illegal gold miners have been prospecting at the house. They have been having running battles with the police, but they always come back to prospect.
What is sad is the fact that these illegal gold mining activities are being conducted just close to the CBD. It is really an eyesore.
Kwekwe is home to some historical sites, which include the Paper House, where imperialist Cicil John Rhodes used to stay when he visited the gold mining city.

Both the Paper House and the Queen’s Palace are not very far from Kwekwe’s Central Business District (CBD).
Meanwhile, Globe and Phoenix Primary School has also come under siege from the illegal miners.
Kwekwe legislator Judith Tobaiwa has since raised red flags.