Zim AdSense Seeks To Empower Entrepreneurs
1 August 2022
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Business Correspondent

Zim AdSense, a platform run by Zim Ads Network, has been created for the purpose of empowering publishers and advertisers.

Zim AdSense operates like Google AdSense, according to a statement released by Zim Ads Network:

“We bring you the good NEWS! Have you been wondering how to make money from your website?
https://zimadsense.co.zw is the solution, join for free and monetize your website today.

Our platform works like Google Adsense.

When you register and submit your blog link after approval you will put a link were you want ads to show. You will be paid by CPC & CPM. For more information or help WhatsApp us on +263 73 836 3954
Contact us on:-
email: [email protected]
call/App:- +263 73 836 3954


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For more information about ZimAdsense signup here : https://zimadsense.co.zw/ref/43