CCC Makes Passionate Appeal To Young Voters
5 August 2022
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By Gift Ostallos Siziba

The reality of your country is that we need Change!

To attain that we need young people to vote.

This is the conversation that matters, nay sayers and decibels of anger will always come with all strategies to oppose the opposition.

Young peoples whose future has been ruined must focus on this one most important task- the task to win our country for change.

The regime has mutated into different forms and units to try and destroy the authentic opposition.

We have seen them and we have defeated them before.

Remember as a people collectively sent a clear statement in the just ended by-elections.

The leadership question of who is who in the Alternative was long resolved.

It’s all about genuine and authentic leadership.

It doesn’t matter where you’re beating the drum from- we all do it with the collective effort to change the lives of our people.
All hands on the deck.

Unity is key- it remains the only buffer against perennial intrusion and political decay.