What must be done to ZRP cops who killed Alick Macheso’s bodyguard?
19 August 2022
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CID officers Wednesday killed a Chitungwiza body builder (who is singer Alick Macheso’s bodyguard) whom they first accused of robbery and have now shifted to say they did it because he was carrying a machete.

Tawanda Zvinowanda (29) was on Wednesday killed by detectives after they stormed his family home and place of residence and started accusing him of carrying a machete.

‘Three detectives arrived at his home around 10 am and took him to Makoni Police Station yesterday.

This morning the family woke up to discover that he has died.

When they arrived at his home, they introduced themselves by firing one shot into the and moving into the house to assault him.
They assaulted him in front of his wife and minor 1 year old before they chased them away.

They beat him till he became unconscious and shoved him into the boot of their car, a silver CRV and drove off, a source tells ZimEye.

Police sources say the late father of one was tortured to death at a cemetery.

“Where would he have purchased the machete, and why kill him at the cemetery in L?,” asked one of his siblings.

A voice note in ZimEye’s possession, has a male voice confirming saying, ” it’s true he was assaulted by detectives yesterday at the cemetery which is in the industry area in L, that’s where they bashed him up.

But some officers are saying they don’t know his offences; but it’s being said when he was arrested, there was an altercation, they are saying he had a machete.

The lad had a heavily built body, I even know him; so maybe the most plausible explanation is he had threatened them saying once I am out of custody I am coming after you, one by one.

So I think that’s why they assaulted him, because they are now saying he was carrying a machete; that’s what people from our offices are saying, so people are there at the police station at Makoni, that’s what I heard.

Zvinowanda is also a former bodyguard for the Waterfalls based preacher, Walter Magaya.