Guns-Wielding Zanu PF Thugs Chase Chamisa
25 August 2022
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By James Gwati- Zanu PF thugs armed with AK47s have chased CCC leader Nelson Chamisa and prevented him from addressing a rally in Gokwe.

Chamisa, Thursday, was in Gokwe-Kabuyunu for a weekend by-election campaign rally.

His party reported on its social media platforms that Zanu PF senior members, including Local government minister July Moyo, orchestrated the Thursday violence.

The party posted on Twitter:

GOKWE VIOLENCE: We’ve received reports that Larry Mavhima & July Moyo were co-ordinating the orgy of violence in Gokwe today. Zanu thugs using over 29 cars & armed with AK47s & other weapons were involved in a high speed chase against President 


’s convoy.