Full Text- Woman Murdered Along Zhombe East Sidhakeni Road
30 August 2022
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On the 27th of August 2022 Primrose Siziba Nr unknown aged 32 years of Village Mlotshwa Chief Samambwa, Zhombe closed her tuck shop at Mushange business centre and decided to go home to Village Chakaipa Chief Samambwa.

She was with Sekai Musekiwa Nr unknown aged 29 years of Village Mapiye Chief Samambwa, Zhombe who only accompanied her for about 100 metres and returned back to the Business Centre. Primrose Siziba proceeded on her own along Zhombe East-Sidhakeni Road.

On the same date at around 1830 hours Emildar Moyo Nr 58-301249-P-58 aged 32 years of Joel stands, Zhombe was in a motor vehicle proceeding from Bhamala and she noticed the now deceased lying down facing sideways about 4 metres from a side road in a bush at village Mlotshwa chief Samambwa. She disembarked from the car and she discovered that Primrose Siziba was dead and she positively identified her.

Emildar Moyo rushed to Nelson Malito Nr 58-240391-X-58 aged 41 years of Village Mlotshwa Chief Samambwa who is the now deceaseds brother and she alerted him. Nelson Malito proceeded to the scene and discovered that Prmrose Siziba was already dead with a deep cut on the left side of the chest and he advised the police.

The scene was attended and discovered that the deceased was lying down facing sideways with a deep cut on the left side of the chest an indication that a sharp object was used to stab her and blood was still oozing out.

A pair of deceaseds sandals and a black sun hat belonging to the deceased was seen on the main road with drops of blood around the area.

Near the property there was a footprint of a single left shoe and a single push.

Further searches were carried out and a brown handbag with receipts, books a broken cellphone of the deceased was recovered about 20 meters from the road on the right side and again the same footprints were seen around the property.

Enquires were carried out leading to the arrest of Leonard Muwinga Nr unknown aged 32 years of Village Chakaipa Chief Samambwa.

The single left shoe with footprints which resembled those that were seen at the scene of crime was recovered.