Enough Is Enough, CCC Youth Leader Denounces Zanu PF Barbarism
29 September 2022
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26 Sep 2022


Masvingo Youths Citizens swear not to let it go.

Zanu pf’s continued torture and persecution of opposing voices should be resisted forthwith.

In a survey made by the writer across all constituencies in Masvingo Province, an emotional mood and wave is among the youths. As we drive closer to 2023 general elections, Zanu pf regime has been on an offensive ruthless attack on civic society members ,oppositions members and journalists.

The ruthless attacks and persecution done in a crocodile style where the challenge involves spilling of the blood has now awakened the youths with great bitterness and distress over the future of Zimbabwe. The persecution includes physical attack, cyber attack, religious engulfment attack as well as the judiciary system attack.

CCC Gutu Councillor attacked

Recently, Gutu councillor and Provincial Youth Deployee was attacked by Zanu pf thugs at a party in the hood. This triggered an uproar across all platforms from fellow youth citizens who vowed not to let this go. In a statement one youth champion from Chiredzi said the level as gone too high to be tolerated hence justice and resistance by any means within the principle of our party should take off. The cyber attack includes circulating fake photos and ghost accounts meant to put the citizens movement into disrepute.

Social media and cyber attacks

American based former Masvingo Urban councillor was also recently attacked by one zanu pf bootlicker and propagandist Mugwadi giving some false information over the demonstration made at UNGA, kutaura “kwaasina kuswera…”

One T Kundishaya has also gone on a rampage of attacks on CCC youths champions giving false deragatory posts and sexual attacks which is not only a criminal offence but unholy and inhuman before the society. This Kundishaya is just popular for wanting to steal Goats from journalist Hopewell Chin’ono and is a desperate attention and relevance seeker in political circus.

Determination among youths

Masvingo Youths Citizens vow not let this go in all fields of warfare be it on social media and on the ground up until they achieve a democratic peaceful Zimbabwe. Another youth from Masvingo Urban Mucheke suburbs said “…we have all the potential and power to resist this continued persecution against our fellow comrades. They won’t kill us all, they won’t arrest us all, we are in this struggle well aware of bruises and hardships we may face…”

In all statements gathered around, the determination shows that youths are unstoppable and the ongoing party programmes would be handled with an active security machine.

Bikita champions Arrests

Meanwhile the arrests of the bikita champions Zebron and team also portrays the persistence of Zanu pf in thwarting our CCC. The regime is shaken by the ongoing Mugwazo and the general consensus among even non-political actors that indeed President Chamisa is the only deal in the Country.

Strategic Principled Reaction

Although Masvingo youths seem to be folded the sleeves up for the struggle they have insisted that they would not be pushed into lawlessness and violent behaviour by the violence mongers but would deal with such acts accordingly in a human, lawful ,peaceful and resistance manner.

The Religious attack

The religious community has also not been spared from this zanu pf attack. Over the period to date ,Zanu pf is going around churches forcing church leaders to endorse their leadership out of fear of victimization.

Some church leaders who spoke on anonymity for safety reasons said they are now in the corner to impose a president amount their congregants out of fear. Zanu pf leader Mr Munangagwa recently visited the apostolic churches, and the popular ZCC church however some congregants strongly denounce the utterance made at these services saying the church leaders should condemn political violence and disown all leaders involved in it as it is not good before God. They should call a spade a spade and stop imposing leaders to their congragants instead indulge in an inclusive dialogue to push for a peaceful and undesputed election.

Job Sikhala and the Nyatsime team

Above all Masvingo seem to be saddened much by the persecution of Hon Job Sikhala and the Nyatsime 15.

Timoth Muswere is Masvingo Youth Change Champion whose article is based upon a rigorous interview survey across the Province.