UK Deports 8 000 Criminals
1 October 2022
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By-The United Kingdom (UK) has deported more than 8 000 foreign criminals and immigration offenders, among them Zimbabweans.

According to the UK Home Office, a total of 8 175 people have been deported this year including 2 250 foreign national offenders.

In the month of September, 533 foreign criminals and immigration offenders were returned, including 105 to Albania on 3 dedicated charter flights and scheduled flights this month.

The Home Office also returned 26 Romanian nationals and 9 individuals to Zimbabwe on separate charter flights in September.

An online news portal NewZimbabwe cites Home Secretary, Suella Braverman as saying:

We are taking a zero-tolerance approach to anyone who comes to the UK and breaks our laws.

Returning such a high number of dangerous criminals sends a clear message that they are not welcome here.

We are also clamping down on those who come here illegally, and I am exploring every avenue to accelerate their removal.

The foreign national offenders removed had received combined prison sentences of more than 337 years and were convicted of crimes including sexual and violent offences, supplying Class A drugs and facilitating illegal entry to the UK.

The UK Borders Act allows the British government to deport any foreigner who has received a jail term of at least 12 months unless some exception applies.