Man Fails To Satisfy Suga Mama
16 November 2022
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Dear Anty Lisa

I am 28 and my wife is 40. We got married one year ago but I am disappointing in her.

We do not have any children. I have lived as a single man all my life and never had lula lula until I met her.

The first night we tried to have lula lula we failed and my wife cursed me and went to bed. During the night I tried to wake her up for us to try again but she told me that we could try during the day because neither of us was going to work.

We were at a cottage, so in the morning while she was still sleeping I went on the road and saw a vendor selling the newspaper. I bought the paper and went back to the cottage. After having coffee, we tried to have lula lula again and my wife embarrassed me.

Before I entered, I eja_culated. She did not only curse me but she told me that she was sorry she did not try me out before we got married. She said that men say they don’t like to buy ‘p*ss in bag’ but she bought ‘p3n!s in bag’.

Right before me, my wife mastur_bated and I was embarrassed. It is now very hard for me to communicate with her when it comes to lula lula. She told me that she is going to cheat on me and it won’t be something that she would hide because I have no use. I get an erectin0 but sometimes as I enter I discharge and it is embarrassing. Is there any hope for me?

Source: My Zimbabwe News