Mugabe Never Voted Chamisa, Says Charamba
19 November 2022
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By Farai D Hove |WITHIN 3 DAYS OF JONSO BOUNCING BACK, THE BATTLE FOR BOB’S REMAINS HAS BEGUN – The late President Robert Mugabe did not at all vote for Nelson Chamisa’s party, his former spokesman has claimed.


Writing in his weekly column, Jamwanda as he is affectionately called, suggested that Mugabe duped the opposition when he indicated he was not voting for ZANU PF in the 2018 elections.

The statement strokes memories of the historic moment Mugabe walked into a Highfields Polling station to cast his vote. Without stating who he suggests Mugabe voted instead of the CCC leader, Charamba said in part:

It is just that Chamisa and his diminishing company always enjoy licking candy, acutely crave to do to the point of brushing aside nuances which matter in reading complex politics. As they did in 2018, when they believed that the late President Robert Gabriel Mugabe endorsed and voted for them, merely by reading from his bitter disposition.
We know better, whatever his public poise and rebuke then, and however much Triple C may elect to abuse him posthumously.