Hands Off Moreblessing Ali Remains
29 December 2022
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Justice for Moreblessing Ali! #WiwaWednesday.

28 December 2022

It is quite alarming to hear that the remains of the gruesomely murdered CCC activist, Moreblessing Ali are being buried in Mabvuku Harare without the consent of her immediate family members such as children and blood relatives. This must be resisted with equal measure, it is satanic to continue torturing the soul of the deceased in that manner. Her immediate family is unaware of the proceedings according to the information disseminated by our change champions on the ground.

The immediate Ali family confirmed that they were informed during yesternight that Moreblessing Ali was going to be buried today in Mabvuku. The closest relatives are in extreme shock because they expected to continue from where they left in June when Moreblessing was murdered by Pius Jamba, a thug linked to ZANU-PF. There is a great likelihood that these distant family connived with killers, maybe they were given cash to sell out. One of the closest relatives clarified that they did not even know where the remains of their mother were.

Reliable sources say , Moreblessing Ali’s remains were taken from Parirenyatwa Hospital yesterday. The family is still in serious shock and they intended to take the DNA tests so that they could confirm if they were burying their authentic relative. Citizens in Namibia demand justice for Moreblessing Ali. It is uncouth and untraditional to bypass blood relatives at burials, a bad omen is loading. Tormenters must face justice! They can’t continue to abduct the remains after killing our champion in Nyatsime.

Let’s amplify our revolutionary voices against the weaponization of the law and the subsequent capture of all state institutions.

Allow Moreblessing Ali’s close relatives to bury her not this nicodemus funeral of our champion. The truth of the matter is that ZANU-PF is afraid of the vibrant and pragmatic interim Vice Chairperson, Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala. We shall continue to demand justice for Job Sikhala, Moreblessing Ali, and all prisoners of conscience.

Allow Silent, Mob’s firstborn to sign the burial papers for his mother like before.

Allow Citizens Coalition for Change to mourn one of their late diligent soldier, Moreblessing Ali who was butchered for subscribing to the change that delivers. Justice for Mob! Justice for Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala.