Mining : Do Away With Illegal Transactions
9 February 2023
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3Ps of Artisanal mining

Lack of knowledge of how things work
Basically Artisanal mining is communal mining.

The best way to have a proper understanding before you sponsor think like a gvt or NGO sponsoring communal farmers waiting for rain with fertilisers or tractor they know exactly what they want .

Gold is there in all districts of Zimbabwe but some districts have more than other districts .

Furthermore methods used are primitive but developing each day .inorder to succeed know the people involved, process and procedure plus product. You should know what you are selling to the miner not what they think they are selling to you .
Below are the 3Ps in detail
1 people
2 process
3 product
Mine owner
This the legal owner with rights to holding and dealing with gold who has his/her name on mine certificate or tribute form . This is the only person with legal grounds to sign contract with you has the right to handle and deal with gold usually represented by appointed manager.

These two ( manager and owner ) are key to on paper agreements not on the ground verbal agreements they legalise your wishes to sponsor unless if you are requesting for a shaft with your own “people ” .
These are the people who do the work , so important to the agreement such that without their approval your presence is useless. They know everything can easily misrepresent facts to suit their agenda because they handle gold before anyone does like it or not .

Always remember this gold is a currency on its own . This will be covered in another article.
3 gvt officials CID minerals , ministry of mines , EMA , RDC and gold mobilisation team .
These have oversight on gold , land , environment and safety of workers
4 illegal gold buyers: These are people who buy gold illegally Always having hard cash can easily take over your agreements especially towards the end of the transaction when they know its pay time .

These don’t just sponsor they borrow money at pay point usually not more 48hr cash loan . To us who know the game we use them as yardstick to measure whether gold is in abundance or barren .

1 sample identification
First step where usually workers use limited resources to identify gold rich reef to set up shaft or resuscitation an old one this could cost between 300usd to 500usd .these are available in large numbers across the country.

Resources mobilisation
When shaft is readily available shares in exchange for all needed resources.

This is a stage you or your proxy should be heavily involved
3 mining phase little monitoring
4 milling phase be there all the time you or your proxy
Identify what you are offering and what you want from them don’t let them tell you identify it .

Eg in our database we have a miner who wants 1500usd for tank resuscitation with workers around 100 to 150 . You can give 1500usd refundable with 20% interest plus you supply safety clothing to the 100 workers every 3months plus cyanide and chemical supply every month with between 10% to 20% interest.

More product models available…

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