Nyika Inovakwa NemaBeavers Ayo, Who Beat Cyclone Freddy By Constructing Dams At Zero Cost
28 February 2023
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By Isaac Jomora | What’s stopping Zimbabwe from “converting cyclone Freddy to electric energy”? What’s stopping government from building dams so that the rising floods can produce electric energy? Is it a problem of money? What’s complicated about building dams that even beavers do at no cost?

A story is told by the Facebook page, Architectural Construction Discovery over how beavers are better than humans. The page narrates as follows:

The beaver animal is a very skilled dam engineer, and it is born with these innate skills in building without the need to indoctrinate it from its parents, and evolutionists do not have the slightest explanation for the emergence of these instincts until today.

beavers. Pic: Architectural Construction Discovery

The beaver lives in a dwelling in the middle of the water with underground tunnels several meters long to enter, exit and ventilate to protect its young from predators And in order for this dwelling to remain stable, it must be built on stagnant water. Before building the dwelling, the beaver searches for a river and builds a dam in it to accumulate water and stop flowing, and spends months collecting wood, gravel, mud and building in an amazing way, and even when a runny occurs in the dam – which ranges in length Between one meter and 100 meters – and the possibility of its collapse, the beaver rushes to repair the leak immediately, and we should not neglect the anatomical side of the beaver, as it is endowed with very thick and sharp teeth resembling a carpenter’s chisel-shaped incisors and strong jaw muscles for cutting branches and digging the soil, and it has limbs equipped for swimming, and its body Covered with a thick layer of grease to resist the cold of water, and his ears, eyes and nose were made at one level and elevated so that he could swim and hide his body while keeping his eyes above the water to monitor predators, and he could hold his breath for 15 minutes while he was Sufficient time for excavation work or crossing waterways.