What Is Cellphone Consultancy In Mining ?
8 March 2023
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Please note that the article below is part of a series of exerpts drafted to equip and empower miners with relevant information.

In addition, the articles seek to bring together key stakeholders in a bid to enhance mining activities…

Some major reasons for failure in artisanal mining.

In another article we discussed issues that causes failure and huge losses .

The most common is unofficial consultancy where people ask anyone in the mining sector.

Most of what we do in the mining is developed over time from large scale to medium scale to small scale then artisanal bearing in mind the important factor ” trying to do gold mining with cheapest means achieving great results. By so doing what happens in Maphisa doesn’t work in Mphoengs or Esigodini l am 100% sure of that so when you ask a random question you get random recommendations that won’t help you in anyway.

Factors that define consultancy are scope of investment, length of investment , size of reef and depth for blasting , for cyanide related issues it differs from place to place below are types of risks by name l will list them and discuss their advantages then disadvantages.

1 cell phone consultancy
2 on beer consultancy
3 the guy who hits kgs consultancy
4 graduates consultancy

1 cell phone consultancy
This includes calling or asking general questions or social media especially Facebook and whats without physical mine visit.

There is only one advantage on this you save money nothing else . Usually questions asked are related to cyanide process and blasting following questions are asked
1 how many kgs of cyanide do you put in a tank ?

This question is silly because tanks vary by size some are 15tonnes upto 200tonnes its pointless to answer such a question plus some sands differ in complexity and demands different guages for same tonnage.

The question should be simply.
How many kgs of cyanide do you put per kg or per thousand litres of water.

This question is similar to this one? I did 4tanks and got 100grams is it okay ?
Cell consultancy should be usef for appointments and pricing later you can use it for evaluation.
2 beer consultancy: this is the most common with absolute no advantage because discuss mining activities drinking Usually in such situations the guy who buys beer has final say and most cases evaluation of work done by someone absent in that meeting will be thoroughly done and resolutions made but not limited to
1 number of explosives to used per round
2 amount of cyanide to be added per tank
3 how many grams a tank can produce etc .

For cyanidation consultancy first question should be
1 what is your average grade per tonne
2 how many tonnes do you have
3 size of tanks you are using or intend to use
4 carbon activity
Then you can advise.

3 the guy who hit a kg
The silliest of them all in mining sector we have what we term gold shoot it comes once in while to anyone who had an opportunity to get it that’s not a sign of vast mining knowledge.

It took us 15years to understand issues to do with cyanide tanks ; mining compliance, mine administration and many more and we still learning each and every day .

Graduate consultancy: our students are trained for employment not mining business like l said its more of saving than mining our students are trained to be told what to do not vis versa unless if they have been in artisanal mining for quite sometime.

I know one guy from school of mines doing absolutely well now because he has been here for quite sometime .

When consulting mining related issues use figures lots of figures they might differ what they are referring to for example .

For shafts use meters for depth area when measuring how to drill holes or how many explosives to use .

For Cyanide use tonnes or cubic Square metres in reference to tanks and cyanide consumptions .
Terms to avoid when consulting outside mine
1 it’s very deep
2 it’s not deep
3 it’s a tunnel
4 the compressor used 20liters
5 I had 7loads
6 it’s a big tank
7 small tank
8 a lot of gold .

We use tonnes for ore ; grams for gold or kgs , grams and kgs for Cyanide and coastic the above 8 are speculations if used to consultancy we get you into unnecessary trouble.

Things you shouldn’t do to finance a mine
1 never sell a house, stand or valuable property to finance a miner it might never come back .

2 never borrow with interest to finance or purchase a mine unless you are taking it for tanks with laboratory tested sands .

3 never mortgage a car , house or valuable property to fund buying a mine or shaft related issues except for cyanide Process with laboratory samples or customer service purposes.
NB the above doesn’t matter if you have more than one of this properties .

You can only sell a property with a value of more than 40k usd with a properly structured execution plan ( not business plan ) especially if you the investor has vast knowledge of mine management not just mining .

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