FULL THREAD: Acie Lumumba Speaks
27 March 2023
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The agenda against me is singular, to separate me from my son, all the images; footage she is leaking to the public is to try claim I’m unwell to care for our son, it’s so unfair and humiliating; but let me respond to this accusation list; we shall meet them in court.😭😣

I was not aware the relationship was even over, while on holiday in December with my family, my sons mother informed me of a new relationship she was in with her new lover who happens to be a friend of mine. It was a devastating couple of days I had no idea our relationship was at that point over.

The address this document has been sent is NOT my address, I am failing to understand why this would be sent to an address that is not mine. That address is the house my late mother lived in and currently no one resides in. I’m so confused.

I did not move to South Africa and leave my son in Zimbabwe, I moved to South Africa WITH my son and his mother, he was still in school in Zimbabwe so only when not in school they would move to me while I prepared their relocation.

I’m not sure how she “realised” I was living with another woman yet she is the one who secured our lease in the very house I live and she has a key to the house. I have never lived with another woman but her in my life.

She says I “forcibly” took our son from her? How does that physically work? Why would you not go to the police, or refuse to leave? How do I forcibly take a human being? We both escorted her to the airpot and she said she would be back in 2 weeks.

She returned to Zimbabwe because her lover who she herself told me called Scott Sakupwanya needed her for an event. Yes we fought about it, I admit, but I did not have issues with her moving on from me, I was now broke and bankrupt, it’s understandable, we agreed the child can stay with me.

I have full evidence that I was the one who begged her to spend Xmas with us because our son missed her terribly. When she got to South Africa I have full evidence we went to a holiday destination out of South Africa. Upon return, she was with me in the same property She holds lease so.

I’m not sure when she found the child in bad health and sores in his mouth, she says I locked my own son in a house. Bizarre, the child has 2 full time nanny’s and a nurse. I challenge her to show me the medical reports.

I will provide the evidence of her being the lease holder of our residence in South Africa. She says my business is not in the best interest of the minor- how ridiculous. My business is how she has clothes and fed herself since I met her.

I have never been to her mothers house, to be clear, her mother was beaten like a dog by her father while living in Ray Kaukondes house in Waterfalls. He kicked them out on the street literally, I built a $300K home for her on a plot she had. Again, we shall bring evidence to court.

She says I have abused her? I have never eat slapped my child, this is such slander and designed to ruin my brand. I have treated this girl like royalty, and what was the reason I abused her again? Did anyone get that part?

Apart from having never been to her “mothers house”. I will call the mother to a lie detector and hear this from her.

She said it’s her who decided to not return my son to me which she is equally admitting she had agreed? She says I pulled him out of school, in court I will show my son is enrolled at Crawford International in South Africa. I was shocked he was not brought back to school as agreed.

What an annexture, pencil written analysis by an non registered professional. Please check with Ministry of Education if they recognise that Organization. The report is fabricated by a non registered organisation. How do you say a top 3 school in Africa is not in his best interests, he must go to a under the tree school in Zimbabwe instead?

She has made attempts where? How? I have called her to speak to my son and she changed numbers. I even travelled to go to Zimbabwe and I learnt to my shock when I got home she sold everything and relocated. The house I had left her in she had sold and put the money with Lunga her lover advisor.

What is the reason she wants to restrict me to 2 weeks on holidays only with my son? Why can’t I be in his life? I am a lot of things, but I’m not a bad father. I have no other family but that boy. The wickedness here is surreal to me.

There are serious cases that hinder why the child should be with me. His healthcare is here, his school is here, his father is here, I offered the mother advance pay of all her flights to see him at will and he can be in Zimbabwe for holiday. She says she has always been taking care of him, she was last employed before he was born, I have taken care of them both since.

How will she look after the child best when her first act is to restrict the child of a father and slander the image of the father to portray me like a monster?

How do you say “fit” in one sentence, then “been doing all along”- the level of disregard of the hand that has fed this family is gut wrenching but that said, I fail to understand why I can’t be given access to the child.