Mudiwa: Uebert Angel Bought Me A Merc Before Helping Him Fake A TV Miracle
28 March 2023
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By Showbiz Reporter | As the current Al Jazeera documentary series, #GOLDMAFIA continues, the below 2013 video has popped back up, of rapper Mudiwa Hood (Mtandwa) faking a miracle for the humiliated prophet, Uebert Angel.

Angel is exposed in the ongoing documentary being broadcast every Thursday for among other things, arranging money laundering operations between UK and Zimbabwe, a development set to blacklist the Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe since Angel is a senior representative acting on behalf of the President.

Mudiwa had at the time received a Mercedes benz from the preacher.

“Debt cancellation Papa… as you just declared…. this moment SARS cancelled my R8,000 Papa, R8,000 Papa! ” screams Mudiwa, afterwhich Uebert Angel shoots in to appear surprised at the sudden miracle. VIDEO: