QOKI: Sithule Says You Can’t See The Land Cause Last Time Someone Stole The Land
16 May 2023
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The following account by Qoki investor, Thembi Bheka, attempts to narrate her concerns over the property investment scandal. She writes saying:

I have gone back and forth wondering if I should share my experience on the Qoki land. I have seen people fight for and against Qoki and Sithule. Most with no facts but emotions. I am not saying there is a right or wrong side but I think it’s important to be factual and make comments based on facts not emotions.

Because of the facts stated here, I do not think this will be deleted. If it is, it will make me wonder about Qoki and obviously ask more questions, as nothing I said here is my opinion.

I wanted to share the truth and voice my honest opinion as someone who bought land with the Qoki group.

Full disclosure: I am neither friends or enemies with Qoki or Sithule. This is my personal experience and the facts stated here do not represent and are in no way related to my company or any corporations, entities I have partnerships with.

I came across Qoki through a very trusted friend who had already bought land with them. When she told me about it, I was very excited and shared with others.

I did due diligence and spoke to several people who claimed they had received documentation regarding their purchases.

This was one of those investments based on emotion and trust more than logic. Something I never do.

When I asked to see the land, Sithule mentioned that they had a previous experience where someone had stolen the land so you could only see it after purchase, which was fair. I did see the land eventually.

Fast forward after the land was bought and I had paid, I asked for an agreement for sale. I got one between Qoki Investments Pvt Ltd ( a company privately registered under Sithule) and the seller. When I inquired about a legal agreement between me and Qoki Investments Pvt Limited since my name was not on the contract, I and other ladies were sent a 1 page document. My assumption was that once I fill that the lawyer would enter my details but it never happened.

To be honest I got so busy on my end and never followed up. Looking back, I should have. I expected that I would receive a signed copy back from Qoki but nothing was signed or on file.

The only proof I had and still have are the receipts.

In the whatsapp group a few individuals asked what was going on and the response was arrogant and one used as an intimidation tactic: ” Sis, we have bought 7 million worth of real estate, we know what we are doing.”

This brought a lot of concerns for me. There was not enough clarity and transparency.

Any questions were met with ‘we have experience, abantu beMatebeleland bahambela emuva, you are not good for progress narrative.’

This was frustrating and annoying. Even though the land seemed like a good investment relative to the price and location, the lack of professionalism and any legal documentation was and is very concerning.

I still ‘own’ this land. I do have a copy of the agreement of sale between Qoki and the seller. However, other than the receipts I paid and a bunch of voice notes promising and providing updates, I have nothing to prove ownership.

As someone who has bought private, virgin land before, I know the process. Yes it is long and tedious but also the main name registered has to have seperate agreements with other buyers

I would like to believe Sithule has no intention to scam anyone. I want to believe her intentions are good, however the lack of clarity, knowledge and transparency is very concerning.

It is clear this is a case of blind leading the blind. Which is ok if the blind can accept help from a one eyed man, but that is not the case.

An example is with the Qoki trucks and service station businesses, all of which I was interested in. As someone who is already in business, I asked for the projected statements, return on investment and things which a normal person would know and calculate before starting a business.

No one in the interest groups could answer that, the ladies who were in the group had no answer, it was a ‘ people are making it with trucks’ kinda response. I tried to offer advice based on my experience I had with business on how we need to do market research, calculate projected returns and come up with competitive advantage before investing. I was shut down very fast and told I needed to trust the process, other people are making money etc. I didn’t even bother continuing and exited the groups.

That is when I started doubting if Qoki ever did any due diligence. I still don’t know the answer but right now, I hope the land I bought is legit and subdividable and I can get a legal document or agreement of sale between me and Qoki. Off course I have started doing my own research with legal counsel and so far I don’t like what I am discovering.

As is, I do not know what happens if, God forbid something happens to Sithule as she is the only signatory representing Qoki on the land.

My name is not on the Agreement for sale as I initially was made to believe. It says Qoki Investments but there is no proof I am part of the Qoki Investments. I have no legal claim towards the investment.

The investment was portrayed as if it was a cooperative. Sadly the decisions seem to come from Sithule alone. There is no board of directors and if they exist, they definitely have never signed a document for the projects I am part of.

There was definitely a lot of misrepresentation, a lot of hype and a lot of empty promises.

Based on Facebook posts, I was made to believe that the ladies who bought the land first were getting their title deeds and now starting the construction. It turns out, no single person has built a house or shack on the land. So clearly this is a longer process than initially portrayed.

Sithule posted plans portraying how the neighborhoods would look like. Naively, I assumed these were approved plans. It appears these are just diagrams.

I have friends and family members in all these projects cause ngamawala, I invited everyone I knew. They trusted me because they know I have invested in millions of real estate. I was a real estate investor coach and started a local chapter where I lived in Canada.
People come to me when they need real estate investing advice and this time I let them down. I let my gut down and invested based on emotions more than logic. I am embarrassed at my self for not doing enough due diligence. That is why I am speaking out.

I was personally made to believe that I would be a part of the planning process since we are collectively buying this together. We would make decisions on the type of neighborhood, roads and houses we want as women. My experience is different.

It is a one woman decision. If you ask you are labeled an enemy of progress or told to leave if you don’t want. In other groups, I hear the commenting rights have been turned off. Only admin can post.

If you ask Sithule about simple things like selling your land or what to expect, I have been told she will block you or in my case outright ignore you.

On social media, Sithule has mentioned she wanted to help people and now they are turning against her. This, sadly is a very narcissistic trait and emotionally damaging for the buyers who feel their voice is not heard.

So far, in my experience, there are many Qoki projects. I am yet to see one that has come to fruition which makes me think that either Qoki started too many initiatives and are struggling to complete, the process is way longer than was promised or this is an outright scam. I hope it’s not the latter.

My conclusion in regards to the whole investment.

I believe this was a great initiative with good intentions. I have seen projects like this become successful, But the members work together.

Unfortunately, for reasons unknown to me, Sithule wants to control everything. She is the only signatory in the paperwork I have seen. She is the admin for every FB group and everyone is a moderator. I work with business owners and entrepreneurs. I am yet to meet one who controls everything and success. I don’t even know my business FB and IG page password cause my team manages that.

I do understand that Sithule wants me to trust the process based on her word.

Unfortunately that’s not how it works in business. You need proof and proper documentation. In investments there has to be reports and updates. Even if it’s bad.

I have made bad investments too with client monies and lost a lot of money. As hard as it is, the best way is to be transparent, and come out. Believe me, it’s hard and humbling, but there is no other way around it.

And you have to be willing to take feedback from anyone, without taking offence or pretending all is normal.

The lack of professionalism and transparency from Sithule who I now believe is the only Qoki Director even though she made it sound like it’s a big entity with other people making decisions is the reason this good and well intended project might fail. Nothing else.

Investment wise, I am not sure if it was worth it. I probably won’t know until all expenses have been paid. The cost of roads, sewer and other expenses might negate the savings.

I was told to budget 4k for extra costs but I am now learning there is more.

I do hope, for my sake and other women, the projects go through. If they don’t, it will be due to lack of professionalism, honesty and experience from Qoki.

As for other investments like Trucks, businesses, service stations etc, I feel for those who invested in them because those had no business plans, just speculation nje.

Going forward, I hope Sithule will learn from these challenges and feedback and not take offence. That’s how you build and become a successful business person. By learning from mistakes, tweak and change instead of being defensive.

If you have considered investing in Qoki land and don’t mind being a silent partner who puts money, waits,and hope everything you are told is true then this would not be a bad idea.

If you like clarity, transparency and formality, then Qoki is not for you.

For now I wait and pray that there is more transparency and I get a legal document showing I own the land. At present, I am hoping that my lawyer’s initial investigations are wrong. Otherwise if true, I own nothing but a piece of state land that can’t even be sold.

In as much as I would like to applaud Sithule for this initiative as I believe It was and still is a great idea and I am sure it’s been a lot of work on her part, I am deeply concerned by the lack of transparency and professionalism.

I hope I can be proven wrong and come back here and post otherwise. For now, I will go ahead and do the proper due diligence I should have done in the first place.

I apologize to those who invested in this project trusting me. I did not do enough due diligence and I am sorry.