Did Mahere Ban Chamisa From Her Own Speech? | FULL VIDEO
24 May 2023
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By A Correspondent | ANALYSIS | Did Mahere ban Chamisa in her own speech? CCC Spokesperson Fadzai Mahere’s Geneva speech contains no mention whatsoever of her party leader Nelson Chamisa (not even his nickname), and for more 20 times repeats highlights of her own accomplishments than what her party’s done, to defeat ED to the point of him doing a military coup on Chamisa as is seen and announced on ZBC since 15th Dec 2017. She neither mentions the 25 people who’ve been killed to date since the 2018 coup, and Mahere (while repeating the common street badge that Mnangagwa is a dictator worse than Mugabe) seems to concentrate her talk on 1 or 2 incidents centered around her personal achievements.