Biden In Mugabe Falling Style
2 June 2023
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By-United States President Joe Biden tripped on a sandbag on Thursday and fell on stage at the Air Force Academy in Colorado.

Biden (80), had delivered the commencement address to graduates of the military academy, had just shaken hands with a cadet and had begun walking back to his seat when he fell.

He landed on his right hip before lifting himself up on his right hand, according to CNN.

A group of men, including an official with the Air Force Academy and two Secret Service agents, helped him back to his feet.

As he got back up, Biden pointed back toward the ground where he tripped, indicating he stumbled on something.

He returned to his seat in the stands without assistance and appeared in good spirits as the ceremony concluded.

Biden had spent more than 90 minutes handing out diplomas and congratulating hundreds of cadets.

Biden is the United States of America’s oldest president and is running for a second term in 2024. He’s had previous stumbles in public.

Despite those incidents, Biden’s doctor has said is physically fit to serve in office