BREAKING: Zimbabwean Businesswoman Hospitalised After Attack By Dudula Gangs
7 June 2023
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Violent Assault on Zimbabwean Businesswoman in Johannesburg, South Africa

By A Correspondent | Blessing Mashangwa, a prominent Zimbabwean businesswoman was violently removed from her second property in Johannesburg, South Africa. The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon and involved suspected members of the male dominated Dudula gang.

The development highlights the broader concern over xenophobic violence targeting Zimbabwean nationals and the lack of response from local authorities.

Blessing Mashangwa, a successful businesswoman from Zimbabwe, owns multiple properties in Johannesburg, South Africa, ZimEye reveals.

She has been residing in the country for a significant period, contributing to the local economy and fostering cross-border business relations.

On Tuesday Ms Mashangwa was forcibly expelled from her second property in Johannesburg by a group of suspected male Dudula gang members. Video evidence seen by ZimEye, captured three individuals ordering her to leave her own house. The incident was marked by violence and aggression towards Ms. Mashangwa. The perpetrators are on video displaying no regard for her safety or property rights.

Prior to this incident, on the preceding Sunday, another group of six violent men invaded Ms. Mashangwa’s first house. The precise motive behind these attacks is yet to be established, although it is believed that xenophobia and anti-Zimbabwean sentiments played a significant role.

Rise in Xenophobic Violence:
These attacks on Blessing Mashangwa come amidst a disturbing rise in xenophobic violence targeting Zimbabwean nationals in South Africa. The perpetrators, allegedly affiliated with the Dudula gang, have explicitly demanded that Zimbabweans vacate the country by the end of June 2023. This alarming trend has created an environment of fear and hostility among the Zimbabwean community in South Africa.

Police Response:
At the time of writing this report, local police authorities have not made any official statements regarding the incidents involving Blessing Mashangwa. The lack of response from the police is a cause for concern and raises questions about their commitment to ensuring the safety and security of all residents, regardless of their nationality.

6. Urgent Action Required:
In light of these events, analysts stated that it is imperative that the local authorities in Johannesburg take immediate action to investigate the attacks on Blessing Mashangwa and bring the perpetrators to justice. Furthermore, efforts should be made to address the underlying issues of xenophobia and hostility towards Zimbabwean nationals.m, a statement seen by ZimEye said.

The violent assault on the prominent Zimbabwean businesswoman, is a distressing incident that highlights the growing xenophobic violence in Johannesburg, South Africa. The lack of police response further exacerbates concerns about the safety and security of foreign nationals residing in the country. It is crucial that swift and decisive action is taken to ensure justice for Ms. Mashangwa and to combat the rise of xenophobic violence targeting Zimbabweans in South Africa.