Govt Promises VP Chiwenga’s Filthy Sewage Mbare To Be Cleaned By Aug Election Day
7 June 2023
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Constantino Chiwenga’s Misleading Election Pledges Under Scrutiny as Promised 4th Floor Swimming Pooled Mbare Flats Remain Nonexistent

Date: June 7, 2023

In a stunning turn of events, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, finds himself embroiled in controversy as his misleading election pledges come under intense scrutiny. Chiwenga been called out for his failure to deliver on promises made half a decade ago, particularly regarding the construction of 4th floor swimming pools at the Mbare flats. The dilapidated structures, plagued by floods of sewage, were initially slated for demolition during the last election, but the government is now suddenly promising to repair them just three months before the upcoming polls.

The saga surrounding the Mbare flats and the non-existent 4th floor swimming pools has long been a topic of disappointment and frustration for the residents. During the previous election campaign, Chiwenga had made grandiose promises of transforming the flats and providing much-needed amenities to uplift the living conditions of the residents. However, five years have passed, and the residents are left with deteriorating structures and an absence of the promised amenities.

The lack of progress on the proposed swimming pool has become emblematic of Chiwenga’s empty rhetoric and unfulfilled pledges. Residents have been left wondering why such a trivial promise was even made in the first place, especially when the primary concern should have been the dire state of the buildings themselves.

The dilapidated state of the Mbare flats is not a new issue; it has plagued the residents for years. The structures are ridden with sewage problems, posing significant health risks and making daily life unbearable for those residing there. The promised demolition during the last election raised hopes among the residents for a fresh start, but those hopes were dashed as no action was taken.

Now, as the country gears up for another election, Chiwenga and his government have once again raised the issue, promising to renovate the sewage-infested structures. The sudden reiteration of this pledge, coming barely three months before the polls, has raised suspicions among the residents and opposition groups, who view it as a mere attempt to secure votes rather than a genuine commitment to address the problems faced by the community.

Critics argue that this eleventh-hour promise to repair the Mbare flats appears to be a thinly veiled political maneuver aimed at swaying public sentiment. The lack of progress on the previous promises and the timing of this announcement only reinforce these suspicions.

As the election campaign unfolds, it is crucial for voters to scrutinize the credibility of politicians’ promises. The Mbare flats issue serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of misleading pledges and unfulfilled commitments. The residents of Mbare deserve genuine solutions to their long-standing problems, rather than empty rhetoric that serves political interests.

It remains to be seen whether Constantino Chiwenga can salvage his credibility and convince the disillusioned residents that this time, his promises will bear fruit. As the electorate evaluates the candidates’ track records and scrutinizes their election pledges, the fate of the Mbare flats and the 4th floor swimming pool will likely play a pivotal role in shaping public opinion in the upcoming election.

Speaking at a post-Cabinet media briefing yesterday, Acting Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Dr Jenfan Muswere, said the Harare City Council had deprived residents of service delivery, hence Government’s decision to intervene and act on the serious health hazard.

“Cabinet wishes to inform the nation that a fact-finding visit to the New Lines area in Mbare, Harare, by the Ministers of National Housing and Social Amenities, and Industry and Commerce, as well as officials from the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works, and City of Harare, revealed that the situation is dire and requires immediate intervention.

“Some of the problems are that the Harare City Council, which charges monthly rentals of US$100 per room, is not carrying out any repairs and maintenance and blockages are attended to by volunteers,” he said.

Attorney-General, Advocate Prince Machaya, weighed in saying that the state of emergency declaration by Cabinet was not based on any legal provisions, but was necessitated by the dire situation in Mbare.

“What Cabinet agreed was that the situation in the New Lines area has become so dire that it has become a situation of emergency which needs to be attended to immediately.

“It was not a declaration under the Civil Protection Act, Cabinet merely noted that this was a situation that needed immediate action because the houses in that area were built a long time ago, in 1912. They have communal toilets which do not function properly resulting in sewage flowing onto the street, garbage goes uncollected and the houses themselves need attention,” said Adv Machaya.

Minister Muswere said the Ministry of Health and Child Care has now been directed to ensure health and safety in the area.

The Government, he said, would employ a multi-sectoral approach in combating the cholera outbreak not only in Mbare, but countrywide.

Minister Muswere said in light of the continued increase in cholera cases, Cabinet has resolved that the multi-sectoral approach to responding to the outbreak be continued with a focus to address water and sanitation.

The Ministry of Health, working closely with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, will intensify timely releases of funds to facilitate the cholera comprehensive response.

Zimbabwe has so far recorded 2 076 cases, with 1 942 recoveries and 15 deaths, reflecting a case fatality rate of 2,3 percent.

All 10 provinces have reported suspected cholera cases with Manicaland, Harare and Matabeleland South provinces contributing 83 percent of the cases.

Cholera confirmed deaths have been recorded in Harare (3), Manicaland (8), Mashonaland Central (2), Mashonaland West (1) and Masvingo (1).

Meanwhile, Government has also directed that Covid-19 surveillance be integrated with that of other respiratory diseases in the wake of increased respiratory infections during the winter season.

Minister Muswere said the pandemic remains under control, but the nation is encouraged to continue prioritising vaccination activities.

He said Cabinet resolved that vaccination be intensified in all provinces, supported by the Ministers of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, and that communities prioritise getting vaccinated, while protecting themselves by adhering to all recommended Covid-19 public health and social measures.