CCC Official Challenges Chief Gutu Ruling
15 June 2023
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MASVINGO – CCC prospective candidate for Ward 38, Andersen Singende who was ordered to pay four cattle as damages for defaming an outgoing Zanu PF councillor for the same Ward is appealing against Chief Gutu’s judgment.

Singende was found guilty of defaming Takawira Chezhira, who was allegedly caught red-handed with Privilege Vanda, a woman married to Tungamirai Havana of Zvinowanda Village near Gutu Mission. Singende was also ordered to make a public apology to the councillor.

Three cattle are for defaming Chezhira, and one will go to Vanda.
The allegations were that Chezhira was caught with Vanda in a bush behind the woman’s homestead.

Efforts by The Mirror to get comments from a lot of people discussing the matter, which went viral on social media, were fruitless.
Singende confirmed to The Mirror that he has since engaged lawyers and is supposed to get LC4 judgment forms from Chief Gutu so that his legal representatives can file an appeal.

According to court papers, Singende allegedly defamed the councillor by spreading information about the adultery case. He was accused by four other people who were eventually allowed to go scot-free.
Singende is, however, yet to get the LC4 forms from Chief Gutu.
Chief Gutu’s secretary Kenneth Mupambavatyi told The Mirror that Singende will get the LC4 forms after they are signed by the Chief. He said that the chief was busy and the forms will be ready by tomorrow, Wednesday.
He, however, said that Singende angered the chief by allegedly being arrogant.
“The chief is busy at the moment and Singende will get the forms once they are signed. The chief was also angered by Singende in court,” said Mupambavatyi.
“I was supposed to meet my lawyer to begin the appeal process. I need the LC4 forms for the process of justice to take place,” said Sindenge. – Masvingo Mirror