Stranger Hits Harare Man With Stone
15 June 2023
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A man has been arrested and charged after throwing stones at a pedestrian in Harare, Zimbabwe, seriously injuring him.

The accused, named Gerald Zhuwawo, appeared before a court where he was denied bail and put behind bars until his next hearing.

According to reports, the incident happened on Sunday along one of the city’s main streets. Zhuwawo, who was standing on the sidewalk, picked up a stone and threw it at the victim, missing. He then threw a second stone that hit the victim on the forehead.

The victim fell to the ground bleeding heavily. A Good Samaritan named Tichaona Mtisi went to help the injured man and promptly reported the attack to police. Mtisi then assisted officers in apprehending Zhuwawo.

The victim was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.- My Zimbabwe News