FAZ Fraudster Continues To Upset Chamisa
30 June 2023
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CCC Member Defies Party, Refuses to Withdraw Candidature Despite Ultimatum.

Marondera Central Constituency – In a surprising turn of events, Mr Misheck Manyere, a member of the CCC (Coalition for Change), has decided to defy his own party and proceed with his candidacy for the upcoming elections. This move comes despite the party’s 24-hour ultimatum for him and others to withdraw their nominations. The CCC had officially endorsed Mr Caston Matewu as the candidate for the Marondera Central Constituency, but Manyere claims that he was the one selected by the party’s controversial selection panel.

Both Manyere and Matewu successfully filed their nomination papers, a decision that has exposed the senior party officials for their apparent preference for a deeply discredited candidate selection system. Over 40 candidates in total have defied the CCC and filed their nominations under the party’s banner, resulting in some constituencies and wards having two or three CCC candidates.

The chaotic situation emerged due to the secretive candidate selection system employed by party leader Nelson Chamisa, who single-handedly selected candidates to represent the party. The selection process was mired in controversy, with candidates being informed of their fate only near the closing time of the nomination court. This resulted in a last-minute rush of CCC candidates invading nomination courts across the country, forcing Zimbabwe Electoral Commission officers to work beyond official hours to process their applications.

The CCC has responded to the situation by threatening legal action against candidates who filed their nominations using the party’s name, arguing that they did not have proper clearance. However, the defiant candidates maintain that their nomination papers were in order and that they were the legitimate choices in their respective areas.

In an interview, Mr Manyere expressed his confidence and determination to stay in the race, brushing off the party’s threats. He claimed that his candidature had the support of party supporters and emphasized that he would not withdraw his application. Manyere accused Mr Matewu, the party’s preferred candidate, of misrepresenting the outcome of the party’s selection process.

“I had a significant number of people who nominated me during the selection process, while he had only a few. I have the support of the people, which is why they are urging me not to withdraw. The citizens love me,” Manyere stated defiantly. He further asserted his belief that he would win the Marondera Central Constituency seat and announced plans to embark on election campaigns for the CCC across the constituency.

Responding to allegations that he had forged signatures and received assistance from Forever Association Zimbabwe (FAZ), a Zanu PF affiliate, Manyere vehemently denied any wrongdoing. He argued that the authorized individuals had signed his nomination papers and refuted the involvement of FAZ in his candidacy.

As of now, Mr Matewu, the party’s endorsed candidate, has not provided a comment regarding the ongoing situation. Efforts to reach him via the provided mobile number were unsuccessful, and messages sent through WhatsApp remained unanswered.

The standoff between Mr Misheck Manyere and the CCC raises questions about the party’s candidate selection process and highlights the internal divisions and controversies that have marred its preparations for the upcoming elections. With the party threatening legal action and multiple candidates refusing to withdraw, the situation remains uncertain. The CCC now faces the challenge of maintaining unity and ensuring a coherent campaign strategy in the midst of this internal conflict.-state media