Zanu PF Independent Candidate Pulls Out Following Death Of Minister’s Hubby
14 July 2023
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A Zanu-PF member Ndinyarei Mupukuta who was contesting the Maramba-Pfungwe National Assembly seat under an independent ticket has withdrawn his candidature citing personal reasons.

The withdrawal follows President Emmerson Mnangagwa warning to ruling party members “deploying” themselves as independent candidates.

In a statement released Thursday, Zanu-PF Treasurer General and acting secretary for legal affairs Patrick Chinamasa confirmed Mupukuta’s withdrawal.

“This is to inform the public that Ndinyarei Mupukuta a Zanu-PF cadre who had submitted nomination papers in terms of Section 46 of the Electoral Act to stand as an Independent Candidate in the Maramba-Pfungwe constituency has with effect from 11 July 2023 withdrawn his candidature.

“Attached is a copy of the withdrawal letter submitted to the provincial elections officer, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, Mashonaland East Province,” Chinamasa said.

Mupukuta’s letter read, “Following the Proclamation by His Excellency, President E.D. Mnangagwa, I. Mupukuta Ndinyarei (47-095781Q47) submitted my nomination forms in terms of Section 46 of the Electoral Act of Zimbabwe to the Maramba Pfungwe Constituency Elections Officer at Marondera Mashonaland East Province. Consequently, I was successfully nominated, and my name was published among nominated candidates in the Government Gazette for Maramba Pfungwe Constituency as an Independent.

“However, for personal reasons, I have decided unequivocally and without any undue influence, to withdraw my candidature for the forthcoming elections. This decision is made considering Section 49 of the Electoral Act which entitles me to withdraw my nomination at any time before elections.”

Addressing Zanu-PF supporters in Magunje, Mnangagwa said members who lost in the primary elections should follow party rules.

“No one of you formed Zanu-PF party. Remember, you joined an already existing party. If you want to remain a Zanu-PF member, follow its rules. Kana ukafunga kuita pidigori, ndiwe unopidikuga muZanu-PF. Isu takakuriramo, over 64 years tiri mu Zanu-PF asi hatina kumboti Zanu-PF ndeyangu.

“Ndikarota Zanu-PF yave yangu ndinopepuka kuti hope dzabvepi mudzimu yoda kundirasha. So, to you all, I say let us unite. If you are a sincere member of the party, you get deployed, you do not deploy yourself,” he warned.