Mnangagwa Threatens To Send Chamisa To Bed With Shoes On 23 Aug
15 July 2023
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Mnangagwa Urges Voters to Remove Inept Opposition and Ensure Development in Harare

In a rally held at Airport Village Stadium in Harare yesterday, Emmerson Mnangagwa addressed thousands of Zanu PF supporters, urging them to vote out ineffective opposition legislators and councillors in the upcoming elections. He emphasized the need for development and highlighted the importance of safeguarding the gains of the liberation struggle. While his speech contained strong rhetoric, it is important to present an accurate and balanced account of his statements.

Mnangagwa’s Call for Peace and Unity:

Mnangagwa reiterated his stance against political violence and called for peace before, during, and after the elections. Recognizing Zimbabwe’s history of armed struggle and the fight for democracy, he emphasized that the Zanu PF party had the necessary qualifications to teach others about democracy. His message focused on the importance of maintaining peace and unity in the country.

A Plea for Improved Service Delivery:
Highlighting the challenges faced by residents in urban areas, President Mnangagwa expressed concern about the poor service delivery provided by opposition-led councils. He pointed out issues such as garbage collection and sewage problems, which needed urgent attention. The President urged the people to vote wisely and bring in competent representatives who could address these issues effectively.

The Democratic Process and Electoral Goals:
President Mnangagwa encouraged Zimbabweans to exercise their democratic right to vote on August 23, emphasizing that the power of the vote could remove incompetent officials and bring in capable individuals. He called on the electorate to ensure Zanu PF’s victory in parliamentary and council seats in Harare province, with the aim of facilitating development and establishing corruption-free administrations.

Foreign Observers and Interference:
In his address, President Mnangagwa warned foreign election observers against interfering in Zimbabwe’s electoral processes. While acknowledging the role of observers, he insisted that their mandate should be restricted to observing the elections rather than interfering in the democratic process. He emphasized Zimbabwe’s sovereign right to conduct its elections and expressed confidence in the country’s ability to run a fair and democratic process.

Support from Vice President Chiwenga:
Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, speaking at the same event, rallied supporters to vote for President Mnangagwa and Zanu PF candidates. He emphasized the importance of voting for the ruling party, which had led the struggle for independence. VP Chiwenga echoed President Mnangagwa’s call for voters to mark their ballots for the President, their chosen Member of Parliament, and councillor.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s rally in Harare aimed to rally support for the Zanu PF party and encourage voters to remove inept opposition legislators and councillors through the democratic process. While his speech contained strong rhetoric and warnings against foreign interference, it also emphasized the need for peace, development, and effective service delivery. As the elections approach, it remains to be seen how voters will respond to these calls for change and whether the desired outcomes will be achieved.