Man Kills Son For Gossiping
16 July 2023
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SHURUGWI-High Court judge, Justice Christopher Dube-Banda has sentenced a Shurugwi man to three years in jail for killing his son (13) whom he overheard telling his stepmother about his alleged infidelity. He suspended a year of the sentence.

Chenjerai Mandiziva (43) of Edward Farm Plot 27, Shurugwi will effectively serve two years in jail for killing his son, Takunda John Mandiziva (13).

The matter was heard at the Gweru High Court Circuit last month. The incident happened on November 8, 2022, at Edward Farm, Plot 27.

Circumstances are that Mandiziva arrived home and overheard his son chatting with his stepmother, Berita Mapiye about his infidelity.

Mandiziva then told his wife that he wanted to assault his son to stop him from gossiping. He whipped Takunda all over the body with a switch…