Mavaza: Zimbabwe Strangled and Brutalised by CCC and its Colonial Masters
27 July 2023
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By Dr Masimba Mavaza | They moan about the rigging of elections while they rig elections all the time.
Zimbabwe is braced for watershed elections, or maybe for some a revolutionary shift on 23 August. Such is the polarity in the discourse that opposing views are pinning their hopes on diametrically conflicting arguments about the reasons behind their propositions and optimism. It is easy to understand the cause of the divers arguments and drivers for the political agendas.

It goes without saying that Zimbabwe under the second republic is none violent during electioneering and moreso, is tolerant to discourse across the political divide. Anyone who is sober minded applauds the multiparty democracy at play in independent Zimbabwe which a genuine transformation from the hegemony of the colonial past that clearly placed the black majority on the mercy of the superior minority white race. It is important at this juncture to point at what the system meant, localised slavery. The colonial master simply carried on slavery in the countries of the black majority. That is the system that saw the revolutionary war waged to remove that evil system. The democratic process for a nation is a journey that necessitates respecting the history and sacrifices of the heroes of the nation. Our country remains forever indebted to the sacrifices of the revolutionaries who paid for our freedom with their blood.
But, with all the ongoings in the public domain, the nation faces tragedy from the invisible hand of repression, the very hand that necessitated the revolutionary war to free the black majority from the yoke of repression. For the removal of doubt, the readership needs to be reminded that democracy is not necessarily freedom, so are blacks free in America where there is democracy? What about ethnic minorities in the west democracies, their conditions of life and labour related treatment. You do not need a rocket scientist to tell you that the African or non-white is treated as a second rate human being in the western world. Therefore, Zimbabwe’s land reform revolution is an anathema in the rule book of white supremacy and accordingly necessitated a ruthless confrontation to decimate it in the hope that it would remind every African nation that owning land was taboo. In 1980 the remnant of the colonial dominance maintained its political presence through the discredited Rhodesian Front. With the political space limited the Rhodesian Front put its weight behind the destabilization by the dissident movement. When the dissident movement was crashed in the 1980’s the Rhodesian Front went underground waiting for an opportune moment. One could surmise that they were plotting a counter revolutionary agenda. The labour movement disturbances of the 1990s created an opportunity for them to step in and create chaos in Zimbabwe.
In 1999 the loose labour movement coagulated into a political party, Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), the Rhodesian Front was revived in the spirit and public activities of the MDC. Suddenly the white farmer became active and a sponsor of political activism. The MDC’s first manifesto was written with the advice and guidance of the masters in Washington and London. The officers of the party came from the same senior officers of the defunct Rhodesian Front. On the other hand the revolutionary movement led by the United Zanu PF as the ruling party moved the revolution further by forcefully taking over white owned farms to complete the emancipation of the black majority. This phase of the revolution irked the white farmers and the puppets within the MDC. Through a mutual cooperation to strangle the country’s economy and thereby force a regime change sanctions were unilaterally imposed on Zimbabwe to ensure the country would become ungovernable and give way to the MDC to take over power through a “people’s revolution” made in the west. The United States of America went further to enact a law to specifically force a regime change, ZIDERA. It is not a common secret that the authors of Zidera are not in Washington, they are in Zimbabwe’s towns and cities under the umbrella of the chameleon political movement, MDC, MDCA, CCC and other affiliate organs who represent western democratic values. Does America care about the welfare of Zimbabweans? Why does it concern the American government how many people vote and how they vote in Zimbabwe if they do not care about their own people voting or affected by a hurricane like in New Orleans? If it does not matter what happens to Zimbabweans what then is the motivation to debate Zimbabwean democracy in the houses of Commons and of Lords in the United Kingdom and in the houses of Congress and the Senate in the USA? So who is collecting information and reporting to the west about the Zimbabwean situation? Who pays for those important activities? If their interest is democracy why are they funding MDC, MDCA, CCC among others. Most of the opposition represent clones of the Rhodesian Front hell bound on recovering land from the black majority. In 2017 the transition from former president Mugabe presented an opportunity for Mr Chamisa and his entourage to go and seek the strengthening of sanctions against Zimbabwe in the USA. Instead of sitting down to make suggestions to the new administration they had to go and seek ways to bring down the government. A picture a leader of a political party posing for pictures in the company of colonial masters begging for sanctions to facilitate regime change is simply treasonous.
One might ask, So where is the danger posed by CCC? A sanctions policy for regime change is  counter revolutionary and a subversion of our democratic processes. By creating social strife CCC directly impacts livelihoods. By continuously advancing the argument about the ruling party lacking legitimacy the intention is to cast the government as lacking the mandate to govern, hence deny it the necessary political and economic support and ensure that the government fails. As a result lives are adversely affected and the nation is hamstrung in its quest for economic advancement. In a bit to further complicate the democratic processes the CCC and other political parties affiliated to the Rhodesian Front declare election results before a single vote is cast and reject them as sham. They put together legal teams to fight election results and this has become a common pattern every time elections are held. As long as they win that is democratic and when they lose suddenly they reject results, they are simply bad losers. On the face of it, the opposition has been rigging elections through sanctions and anti-government narratives to undermine the ruling party. Thankfully, the government has awakened to the true nature of CCC and enacted the Patriotic Bill to deal with treason perpetrated by CCC. In that regard the intelligence report detailing the secret planned uprising to storm into state house can be dealt with befitting, both politically and legally. The security organs of the state are well equipped to deal with the destabilisation.
The voting public must understand the true agenda for CCC, destabilisation through sanctions and civil disobedience and violence. As a voter why should the party that champions national economic strife be rewarded. Why should the party of the Rhodesian Front backed by the European Union and the USA be rewarded with votes. Are our young people prepared to go back into the bush to liberate the country from CCC? It is time to ask the real questions that need to be addressed about the political posturing and narrative in the face of the empty platitudes premised on western supremacy. Why should anyone vote for CCC to surrender 40% of mine claims to USA companies in return for political support. Be careful in that yellow regalia, you have joined the traitors’ movement.
I rest my case. Time to be true to revolution instead of falling for the false gold of neo-colonial mantra hidden in aid. The nation MUST stand up to the detractors. They said Forward with Sanctions for you to suffer. Ask Chamisa to say, Down with Sanctions and he will Never say so because he is the author of Zidera hun and Tendai Biti.

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