Investigate Electoral Violence, Minister Orders Police, While Totally Ignoring The Missing ZRP Cop
5 August 2023
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Zimbabwe’s Home Affairs Minister Faces Scrutiny Over Sincerity in Investigating Electoral Violence.

Minister Kazembe Kazembe

By Farai D Hove | In the aftermath of a violent incident at Chimbumu Grounds, Tanaka new stands, Glenview 7, Harare, Zimbabwe’s Home Affairs Minister, Kazembe Kazembe, issued a statement condemning political violence and ordering the police to arrest the perpetrators. However, questions have arisen regarding the sincerity of these orders, as the minister’s actions, or lack thereof, paint a different picture.

The Missing Police Officer and Cabinet Minister’s Threat:

One of the major points of concern is the apparent inaction by Minister Kazembe Kazembe concerning a missing police officer who was allegedly threatened by a cabinet minister over electoral crimes. The minister’s silence on this matter has raised suspicions of selective enforcement and protection of individuals within the ruling party. Critics argue that genuine commitment to combating electoral violence would require investigating all instances of threats and violence, regardless of the alleged perpetrators’ political stature or affiliation.

Open Plans for Post-Election Violence:

Another contentious issue is the minister’s failure to address the threats made by the ruling party Spokesman, Chris Mutsvangwa. Mutsvangwa openly announced plans to unleash violence aimed at overthrowing a new governmnt if it is led by any party other than ZANU PF, after the announcement of the 2023 election results. Despite these explicit threats of post-election violence, Minister Kazembe Kazembe has not taken any visible action against Mutsvangwa, leading to accusations of selective condemnation and double standards.

Minister Kazembe’s Statement and its Credibility:

In the recent statement, Minister Kazembe Kazembe asserted the government’s stance against political violence and pledged to hold all perpetrators accountable. He also emphasized the need for credible, free, and fair elections. However, critics argue that these words hold little weight in the absence of tangible actions addressing the missing police officer’s case and the threats of post-election violence.

The Chimbumu Grounds Incident:

While the Minister expressed regret for the loss of life in the Chimbumu Grounds incident and promised swift action, it remains to be seen how the investigation will proceed. The Zimbabwe Republic Police’s arrest of twelve suspects is a positive step, but many are watching closely to ensure that the investigations are thorough, impartial, and devoid of any political interference.

Calls for Accountability and Fair Elections:

Amidst these concerns, civil society organizations, opposition parties, and international observers have called for accountability and transparency in handling electoral violence cases. They have urged the government to ensure that all instances of violence are thoroughly investigated, regardless of the political affiliation of the perpetrators.

As the nation prepares for the Harmonized Elections scheduled for August 23, 2023, the credibility of the electoral process and the sincerity of the Home Affairs Minister’s commitment to combat political violence are under scrutiny. Zimbabweans are hoping for a peaceful and democratic election that truly reflects the will of the people, and it is incumbent upon the government to uphold this democratic ideal by taking meaningful action against electoral violence and threats. Only through fair and transparent investigations, free from political bias, can Zimbabwe move towards a more stable and inclusive political environment.