Zanu PF Dates Hwange
7 August 2023
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By A Correspondent- The Zanu-PF campaign train rolls into Jambezi in Hwange district today where the party’s Secretary for Administration Dr Obert Mpofu is expected to address multitudes of supporters.

Jambezi falls under the Hwange East constituency and Cde Mpofu will be drumming up support for President Mnangagwa and the party’s candidate for the National Assembly seat, Cde Alois Sikuka.

Cde Mpofu, who arrived in Victoria Falls yesterday from Mutawatawa in Mashonaland East province where he attended a star rally addressed by President Mnangagwa, said the revolutionary party is on a massive voter mobilisation drive countrywide.

“We will be in Jambezi for a campaign rally which is part of the mobilisation by the party. Yesterday I was in Mutawatawa and I have just arrived here in Victoria Falls ahead of tomorrow’s rally with the candidate for Hwange East,” he said.

Cde Mpofu said the party is not leaving any stone unturned in its drive for 5 million votes for President and Zanu-PF is targeting a clean sweep on August 23.

The rally will be held at Jambezi Centre.

Hwange has three constituencies namely Hwange Central and the Zanu-PF candidate is Cde Reeds Dube, Hwange East with Cde Sikuka and Hwange West where Cde Philani Moyo is the candidate.

Cde Sikuka said he had done his homework in the constituency where he started with door-to-door campaign in every village, interacting with party members and other voters.

He said he established that Zanu-PF has been losing in Hwange largely because of protests over some issues that need to be addressed.

Cde Sikuka said now is the time to address the issues and Zanu-PF will win the seat.

“We will be having Cde Mpofu for the campaign rally in the constituency where I am the candidate. This is an honour and everyone is looking forward to it especially looking at the fact that Cde Mpofu is a son of Jambezi,” he said.

“I have been campaigning in the whole constituency doing village-to-village engagement, teaching Zanu-PF ideology starting with the history of the party and Zimbabwe in general up to independence and formation of opposition parties.”

“I have been asking why people vote for the opposition and the conclusion we established is that this has been a protest vote. People don’t like the opposition.”

Cde Sikuka said there are simple things that need to be addressed to woo the voters such as sharing regalia and welcoming newcomers wholeheartedly.

“President Mnangagwa said that Zanu-PF pocket is big and can fit everyone. That has been my strategy and the response has been positive so far as people are seeing an all-inclusive message,” he said.

President Mnangagwa praised Mashonaland East province on Saturday for mobilising the largest gathering, so far, of ruling Zanu-PF supporters for his presidential election rally at Mutawatawa in Uzumba-Maramba-Pfungwe.