Zanu PF distances itself from violence targeting CCC members
13 September 2023
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Obert Mpofu, the Zanu-PF secretary for administration, has stated that the recent attacks on Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) supporters in various parts of the country were purely criminal acts unrelated to his party.

The main opposition has accused Zanu-PF of being involved in retaliatory actions against its supporters and polling agents in remote areas like Chiredzi and Uzumba Maramba-Pfungwe, where homes have been set on fire.

However, Mpofu, in a meeting with senior officials from the Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) at Zanu-PF headquarters in Harare on Tuesday, emphasized that such alleged abuses should be reported to the police.

Some of the issues they have raised are matters about which we have not received detailed information,” Mpofu stated. “However, they appear to be related to criminal activities. If people have been assaulted or attacked, it is a matter for the police to address.”

The Zimbabwe Council of Churches has played an active role in monitoring Zimbabwean elections in the past.

Speaking at the same event, ZCC general secretary Reverend Wilfred Dimingu stressed the importance of moving forward after the recent contested elections. He urged Zimbabweans to unite as a nation and work together.

“We have recently concluded the harmonized elections, and as a country, we must move forward to unite the nation and work together,” said Dimingu. “So, we are here to engage in discussions with the leadership of Zanu-PF to explore areas where the church can contribute to nation-building and foster unity among our people.”