Mupambi Calls Out Ex-ZPP Boss Jestina Mukoko
25 September 2023
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By Tanaka Chirigo| The Zimbabwe Peace Project former boss Jestina Mukoko has  been pilfering donor funds, according to a prominent human rights activist.

Speaking to this publication, Abigale Mupambi challenged the former ZPP director to come clean on allegations of defrauding the NGO of hefty amounts of money.

“It is high time  figures in the civic society like Jestina Mukoko be held accountable for the abuse of donor funds. They should be held accountable for pilfering money that would have been mearnt for ordinary citizens.

” What pains us in the civic society is that this has tainted  some of us who are really genuine in our work,” fumed Mupambi.

She added that because of the embezzlement of donor funds it is hardly  believable that organisations like EU pours such huge amounts  of money which doesn’t congruent with the activities by NGOs.

” It boggles the mind that EU can avail over US$5 million dollars grant but the work on the ground doesn’t show.
“Sadly, it is because of elite civic society leaders like Mukoko who are corrupt hence such noise,” added the human rights activist.

Responding to a ZPP tweet, Abigale Mupambi had no kind words for the former ZBC news anchor.

“ZPP Don’t you think it’s high time you respond to the public media allegations that your Director Jestina Mukoko squandered EU donor funds. meant for the so called “electoral torture victims. “I  think it’s to late to diverting us at this juncture, we need answers as CSOs,” wrote Mupambi.

Efforts to get a comment from Jestina Mukoko were fruitless.