My Wife’s Bedding Our Son?
25 September 2023
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A woman named Mazvida Makunani has taken her husband, Dudzai Mandaya, to court for alleged assaults on her and their 17-year-old son. Makunani appeared before Harare magistrate Sharon Mashavira seeking a protection order due to ongoing physical abuse inflicted by her husband, particularly when he returns home intoxicated.

Makunani stated that her husband had been harassing and assaulting their son, even accusing him of being his mother’s boyfriend. She described how he had been subjecting their son to beatings and choking him while he slept, all based on unfounded suspicions.

“He has been beating his son and choking him while he is asleep for the past three months because he says he is my boyfriend,” she revealed. “He usually assaults him when drunk. I have never had extra-marital affairs, but he accuses me daily of bringing a boyfriend into our house.”

Makunani further explained that when she attempted to intervene, her husband would respond with insults and resort to physical violence against her as well.

In his defense, Dudzai Mandaya denied the allegations, claiming that his wife was disrespectful.

However, Magistrate Sharon Mashavira granted Mazvida Makunani the protection order she sought, instructing Dudzai Mandaya to cease all forms of physical and emotional abuse directed at his wife and son. The court’s decision aims to provide safety and security for the affected parties in this troubling situation.-state media