Shall We Go Ahead Drop The V11s Of ED’s Married Girlfriend Now Attorney General?
28 September 2023
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The ZimEye news network announces its readiness to unveil evidence of an intimate relationship between Zimbabwe’s newly appointed Attorney General, Mrs. Virginia Mabhiza, and ZANU PF President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The revelation has raised concerns about potential nepotism and favoritism within the government, as the nation grapples with significant changes in leadership.

The controversy began when President Mnangagwa made a series of rapid personnel changes within key government positions. First, he replaced the late President Robert Mugabe’s Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) chief-secretary with his cousin, Martin Rushwaya, drawing attention to the growing influence of his inner circle.

However, the most startling development came with the appointment of Mrs. Virginia Mabhiza as the new Attorney General, a move that has left many astonished and concerned. The ZimEye news network, in response to public curiosity, announces its intention to publish evidence of the alleged romantic relationship between President Mnangagwa and Mrs. Mabhiza.

In a statement released at 8 pm in response to a complaint on X (formerly Twitter), an editorial moderator from ZimEye acknowledged their readiness to disclose the evidence, albeit with reservations about the potential embarrassment it could cause to both the senior politician and Mrs. Mabhiza.

These swift and unexpected changes in high-ranking government positions have fueled discussions and debates about the direction of Zimbabwe’s leadership under President Mnangagwa. Many citizens and political observers are now questioning the extent of nepotism and political favoritism within the government.

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